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Briefings in labor protection

  1. A) International division of labor
  2. Concludes that protection is necessary until the industry has reached its optimum size.
  3. Consumer protection agencies and organizations
  4. Financial assets may be classified according to their liquidity, the protection they offer against
  5. In output, employment, and profits, thereby generating political pressures for protection.
  6. Microsoft Active Protection Service

The briefing and training on labor protection is conducted for the specific working conditions with all workers, irrespective of their proficiency, skills and experience. Learners (students, cadets, the schoolboys and girls) are instructed before the beginning of practical and laboratory activities by the teacher managing these activities.

On firms, in entities and organizations of civil aviation the realization is envisioned on:

Introduction briefing;

Briefing on a workplace;

Daily briefing;

Periodic briefing; -

Off-schedule briefing;

Course training.

Mass propagation of the rules and standards of labor protection by development the instructions, usage of preventive placards, placards, show-windows, realization of the reports and lectures, demonstrating of movies and film strips, usage wall and periodical press.

The record about realization of introduction briefing is conducted in the special log-book.

Besides the persai conducting introduction briefing, fills in a monitoring sheet on the briefing being the basis for employment and stored in a private affair of a worker (on practical lesson the form is given to each student).

The briefing on a workplace is registered in the log-book. Record is made about realization of this kind of briefing in a monitoring sheet as well.

In the same log-book there is recorded about realization of periodic and off-schedule briefings.

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