Scan the text in order to match these words and phrases with their definitions below.

  1. Allophones. Their Classification.
  2. Ancient Germanic Tribes and Their Classification
  3. Answer these questions using your knowledge and experience.
  4. Ask your partner to explain what can happen to these engineering materials.
  5. Before you start learning the theoretical material make sure that you know the given below words. Transcribe and translate them.
  6. Classification of the organs of speech according to their sound-producing functions
  7. Complete the text with words from the box.

Civil law, criminal law, international law, law, public law, constitutional law.

1) ... is a system of rules established by the state.

2) ... is a leading category of the whole system of law.

3) ... concerns disputes among citizens within a country

4)  ... Concerns disputes between citizens and the state, or between -one state and another.

5) ... regulates relations between governments and also between private citizens of one country and those of another.

6) ... defines the general principals of criminal responsibility.

Історія Організації Об'єднаних Націй (ООН) | Answer the following questions.

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