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Majority of most it-is doubtful that possibly
a number of many it is of interestto note (Leave out)
accounted for by the it is often the case that often
fact because it is suggested that I think
along the lines of like it is worth pointing out note that
be of the same it may be that I think
as a consequence of because noted that but
as a matter of fact intact lacked the ability to could not
as is the case as happens large in size large
at an earlier date previously of great theoretical and
At the present time now practical importance useful
based on the fact that because on account of because
by means of by, with on behalf of for
completely full full on the basis of by
definitely proved proved on the grounds that since; because
despite the fact that although on the part of by among; for
due to the fact that because owing to the fact that since; because
during the course of during while perform do
end result result pooled together pooled
fabricate make prior to before
fewer in number Fewer quite unique unique
first of all first referred to as called
for the purpose of for relative to about
for the reason that since; because smaller in size smaller
give rise to cause subsequent to after
has the capability of can sufficient enough
in a number of cases some take into consideration consider
in a position to can; may terminate end
in a satisfactory satisfactorily the great majority of most
manner in a sense the opinion is advanced
in a very real sense if that I think
in close proximity about; the question as to
in connection with concerning whether whether
in order to to there is reason to believe I think
in relation to toward; to his result would seem to
in respect to about indicate this result indicates
in some cases sometimes through the use of by; with
in the possession of has; have utilize use
It is believed that I think with respect to about
initiate begin; start
it is apparent that apparently with regard to concerning; about

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