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  1. Application Response Measurement (ARM)
  2. Basic task and applications of Radio Engineering
  3. Comment on the phonetic phenomena to be observed in the following exercises. Practise reading them.
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A. Rewrite the following sentences, avoiding the and pitfalls.

1. Our warehouse will be closed for summer vacation, and no orders will be shipped between July 1 and July 15.

2. Our office staff serves coffee and doughnuts on Friday mornings, and just about everyone attends.

3. These word processors are just what we need, and we want to order five as soon as possible.

4. The advertising is being prepared now, and the sale will be held.

5. Experts forecast an increase in consumer spending, and our company will continue to open new branch stores.

6. We made some changes in our billing operation, and payments came in more quickly.

7. Our representatives manage to make more calls than before, and there are fewer of them now.

8. We showed your suggestion to Mr. Ordin, and he liked it very much.

B. With the principle of balance in mind, rewrite the following sentences.

1. The new procedure was adopted yesterday and the new regulations published today.

2. To equip the office, we have ordered a word processor, minicomputer, and electronic typewriter.

3. I never have, and never will, see a successful disorganized salesperson.

4. A customer has little faith and respect for a representative who is always late.

5. This is the simple procedure: push the button, wait one minute, any number of copies can now be made.

6. Did the general manager give you those instructions or his secretary?

7. Ms. Willard called the airline, made a reservation, and she has driven to the airport.

8. Purchasing, billing, and the maintenance of the books are all done in the home office.

9. Each participant will be responsible for joining in the discussion and for questions.

10. It will take quite a while to update our bookkeeping, to check accounts, and for examining the salespeople's daily reports.

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