Be Clear and Complete

  1. A letter that is unclear and incomplete may lead to a delay in fulfilling a request.
  2. Complete the text with words from the box.
  3. Complete the text with words from the box.
  4. Complete the text with words from the box.
  5. Complete the text with words from the box.
  6. Exercise 10. Complete the sentences adding predicative clauses.

Have you ever received a message that you did not understand? How did you feel - confused, and maybe a little angry? What kept the message from being clear? Was something left unsaid? "Meet me on Wednesday at 4 p.m.," Jim writes. But Jim doesn't tell you where to meet him. So his message is not clear because it is not complete. You can see, then, that completeness contributes to clarity in letter writing and that a clearly written message is vital if your letter is to achieve its purpose. You can't meet Jim if you don't know where to meet him. And Miller Brothers can't fill your order for shirts if you don't tell them the size you want. Incomplete letters can be costly, for they lead to errors, often cause delays in filling orders, and call for other letters of clarification to be written. With the cost of today's business letters running between $6 and $15, it is necessary to make the first letter get the job done successfully.

Clarity also depends on the words you use and the way you use them. First you must have a clear idea in your own mind of what you want to say. Then you must decide how you are going to say it. In general, the writer should use the simplest everyday expressions - those the reader will surely understand. Contrast the following:

POOR: It is absolutely essential that all delinquent payments be forwarded within 15 days to avoid substantial penalty charges.

BETTER: Please pay overdue bills within 15 days to avoid added charges.


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