A. Simple neutral compounds. B. Neutral derived compounds. C. Neutral contracted compounds.

  1. Change the verbs into the past simple, keeping them as positives, negatives, or questions.
  2. Este indicat sa se foloseasca protectii diferentiale pe fiecare circuit in locul sigurantelor simple sau automate din tabloul de distributie al fiecarui abonat casnic.
  3. Ex.2 p.23 Complete these sentences using the correct form (Past Simple or Past Continuous) of the verbs in brackets.
  4. Ex.2p.14 Complete these sentences using the correct form (Present Simple or Present Continuous) of the verbs in brackets.
  5. General Structure of the Simple Sentence
  6. Give an answer in the Future Simple Tense; use the substitutions.

An air-conditioned hall; a glass-walled room; to fight against H-bomb; a loud revolver-shot; a high-pitched voice; a heavy topcoat; a car's windshield; a snow-white handkerchief; big A. A. guns; a radio-equipped car; thousands of gold-seekers; a big hunting-knife; a lightish-coloured man; to howl long and wolf-like; to go into frantic U-turns; 1 to fix M-Day2.

IV. Arrange the italicized compounds in the following extracts into two groups: A. Idiomatic compounds. B. Non-idiomatic compounds. Define the structural type of the compounds under study.

1. The mammal1 husband originates from a man in love. Love is only a temporary transient state, which is lost altogether when the man in love turns into a husband. All this is very much the same as the spring love-singingwith blackbirds.In the morning, scarcely out of bed, the husband is surprised at being served very hot tea. This proves that his knowledge of the elementary laws of physics is very poor, for he is obviously unaware of the fact that water boils at 100 C, irrespective of one's being or not being, in a hurry to get to work. Then he shows his annoyance if he has not got a fresh handkerchief. Atsuch moments he is venomous, and it is better to keep out of his way. 2. We've some plain, blunt things to say and we expect the same kind of answers, not a lot of double-talk.3. Picture the dining-roomof the John Grier Home with its oil-cloth-covered tables, and wooden-handedknives and forks. 4. Being a matchmaker isone thing. A match-breaker is something other. 5. She could imagine the polite, disinterested tone, the closed-down, non-givingthin expression on the thin, handsome lady-killerface, still tan with the mountain sun. 6. Crane's brother had played fullback on the footballteam, but the brothers had rarely been seen together, and the fact that the huge, graceful athlete and the scarecrow bookwormwere members of the same family seemed like a freak of eugenics to the students who knew them both. 7. On a giant poster above the entrance, a gigantic girl in a nightgownpointed a pistol the size of a cannon at a thirty-foot-tallman in a dinner jacket.8. So the fellow took Barmy out, and there was the girl sitting in a two-seater.The girl stared at him, dropping a slice of bread-and-butterin her emotion.

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