Functions and significance of the Article.

  1. Functions and significance of the Article
  2. Functions and Significance of the Non-Finite Forms
  3. General characteristics of the Noun. Its Grammatical Meaning, syntactic functions and the system of word-formation.
  4. Hash Functions
  5. Intonation: approaches, definitions, functions
  6. Money and its Functions

Functionally there are two forms of the Article - definite and indefinite. The forms are not changed. Though they have definite phonetic versions / the versions in pronunciation (drawing 4.1):

the a / an
Transcription Position Example Transcription Position Example
[] Before consonants On the table [] Before consonants On a table
[] Before vowels In the apple [En] In the stressed position In an apple
[..:] In the stressed position I told: 'On thetable, but not on a table! ' [Ei] Before vowels I told: 'On the table, but not on atable! '

Drawing 4.1. Allomorphemes of the Definite and Indefinite Forms of the English Article

There are three main problems / questions in accordance with the English Article:

1. If the Article is a definite word or not; and what is its relation to the Noun (the problem of garamatical status)?

2. If the Article is a definite word, then if it is a definite part of speech (the problem of morphological status)?

3. What is the number of articles in English (the problem of Grammatical Category)?

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