Business correspondence. Written patterns.

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  6. Etiquette of telephone business talks
Opening phrases Binding phrases Closing phrases
We have received your letter of ... We express confidence that ... We are sure (confident) that ... Your early reply will be appreciated.
We thank you for your letter of ... At the same time we would like to remind you that ... If we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
In reply (response) to your letter of ... We find (consider) it necessary (important, reasonable) to note ... We look forward to hearing from you.
With reference to ... Apart from the above said ... Please inform us (let us know) in the shortest possible time.
We are pleased to inform you that ... In addition to the above ... In case of your refusal ... Up (on) receipt of this letter please telex your confirmation (consent).
We are sorry (we regret) to inform you that ... We would welcome the opportunity ... We would like to assure you ...
In connection with our letter of ... It is self-understood ... It goes without saying ... We wish to maintain cooperation with you.
We apologize for .. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that ... Your prompt execution of our order will be appreciated.
We regret (we are sorry, we are surprised)) to learn from your letter that ... In this connection ... In view of the above said ... In connection of your request .. We shall not fail to contact (get in touch with) our organizations, manufacturers ..
We have to remind you that ... Otherwise we shall have ... Moreover ... Nevertheless ... We assure you that we take prompt action (urgent measures) to remedy (correct) the situation.
We have pleasure in offering you ... As to your request (order, claim) ... In the first place ... In fact (actual fact, actually) ... We can not accept this point of view for the following reasons ... We are expecting your representatives (officials, engineers) to arrive for the talks.
You are no doubt aware that ... The matter is ... The point is ... Yours faithfully
Please note that ... In case of delay in delivery (payment, sending specialists) ... Yours truly
We enclose a copy of a letter from ... about (in connection with) ... We are having no difficulty in ... We have to admit that ... Yours sincerely

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