Exercise 1. Comment on the use of inverted commas.

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  4. Commentary on the Test Results
  5. Complete the headings in the text with the words in the exercise above.
  6. D. Look at the box and check yourself if you have the same translation of the words given in Exercise C.
  7. Exercise 1. Answer the questions to the text.

1. The sign said, 'Ring for service'. 2. The sign said 'Back in 10 minutes'. 3. Margret Thatcher was a strong and determined leader who would not change her mind easily and would not accept disagreement among her ministers. For this reason, she was sometimes called 'the Iron Lady'. 4. There is an element of 'jam tomorrow' about some of the government's policies. 5. There was a sign saying 'Private Property. Keep Out '. 6. 'Hamlet' was written by Shakespeare. 7. He writes for the 'Washington Post'. 8. 'Gone with the Wind "is a really long book. 9. Only 'The Times' printed the full text of the President's speech. 10. The band was playing music from the show 'South Pacific'. 11. Mary Shelley was just 18 when she wrote the horror masterpiece 'Frankenstein'. 12. Dial '9' before the number when making outside calls. 13. The red light means 'Stop'. 14. What does 'patronizing' mean? 15. The report fails to define what is meant by the term 'key issues'. 16. Certain psychologists believe lies - even white ones - create an 'emotional stain' on our relationships. 17. There was a 'for sale' sign in the yard. 18. The look on her face said 'I love you'. 19. His teaching was what the German philosophers would call 'subjective': that is to say it was intended for himself and not for others. 20. 'What we want is rest', said Harris. 21. 'Healthy shame is psychological foundation of humility,' writes John Bradshaw in Healing The Shame That Binds You. 22. Their album Blue Horsehas great vocal harmonies for women. 23. Everyone wants to feel secure in their relationship. But not everyone does. Some are what, in classic psychological terms, we call 'anxious', others 'avoidant'. Only about half of all adults can be described as 'secure'. 24. 'How's your steak?' 'Mmm, it's good.' 25. He at once fished out his instrument, and commenced to play Two Lovely Black Eyes. 26. So it was an accident, an 'act of God' if you want to put it like that. 27. 'Vater' is the German word for 'father'. 28. Jones was, in the judge's words, 'an evil man'. 29. She has been nominated as Best Actress for her part in the film 'Forever Together'. 30. Carl replied with a polite but firm 'no'.


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