Exercise 2. Ask the questions to the text.

  1. A) Read the following text.
  2. A. Look at the picture and answer the questions below.
  3. A. Read and translate the text.
  4. A. Read and translate the text.
  5. A. Read and translate the text.
  6. A. Read and translate the text.
  7. A. Read and translate the text.


There are 46 universities, 30 polytechnics and numerous colleges for more specialized needs such as colleges of technology, technical colleges, colleges of arts and agricultural colleges in England and Wales.

They all provide a wide range of courses from lower-level technical and commercial courses through specialized courses of various kinds to advanced courses for those who want to get higher-level posts in commerce, industry and administration, or take up one of a variety of professions.

Courses are a combination of lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory work. In a lecture the student is one of a large number of students. He listens to the lectures, takes notes, asks no questions. In a seminar he raises problems and discusses them with his fellow students under the direction of one of the teachers. In a tutorial he is accompanied by only a handful of students and discusses his personal academic problems with a teacher.

Study in courses may be full-time and part-time. Full-time education includes sandwich courses in which periods of full-time study (for example, six months) alternate with full-time practical work and training in industry. Full-time and sandwich courses now are animportant part of higher education in England and Wales. Part-time education may be taken during the day (for example, one day a week or full-time for short periods) or in the evening only. Particular feature of the higher education is its strong links with commerce an industry.

The system of higher education permits students to get whatever qualification they need.

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