Exercise 5. Choose the corresponding pronoun

  1. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice
  2. C. Choose the right variant. Explain your choice.
  3. C. Match the words with the corresponding definitions.
  4. Choose a thing and describe it as fully as you can to sell it. Act as a sales manager to a client.
  5. Complete the headings in the text with the words in the exercise above.
  6. D. Look at the box and check yourself if you have the same translation of the words given in Exercise C.
  7. Ex. 10. TEST. Choose the required variant to complete each sentence.
  1. (We, us) all went with (their, them) to the dean's office. 2. My friend came to see (I, me) last night. 3. Victor gave Peter and (I, me) a book and we went to the reading-room with (he, him) and his friend. 4. He told Mary and (me, I) to go with (he, him) and his sister. 5. They know all about my friend and (I, me). 6. I came to the Institute with Michael and (her, she). 7. An old man asked (we, us) to go and see (him, his). 8. Go with David and (her, she) to visit (they, them).


There are many technological institutes in Moscow. There are such institutes as Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Electromechanical Institute, Aviation Institute, Moscow State University of Technology named after Bauman, Civil Engineering Institute and many others. The head of each institute is Rector. As a rule there are several faculties in an institute. Each faculty has a number of specialized departments and is headed by a dean. The course of studies usually lasts 5-6 years.

The academic year in this country's higher schools begins on the 1st of September and is divided into two semesters. Students take exams at the end of each semester. If the results of the examinations are good students get grants. Twice a year students have vacations - two weeks in winter and two months in summer.

Our university is one of the oldest technological institutes in Moscow. It has several buildings, old and new ones. There are many various laboratories. There is a very good library and a computer center in the main building.

Every faculty has its own specialized library, laboratories, workshops and computer centers.

The first and second-year students study general engineering subjects I In the third year students begin to study specialized subjects.

A very good tradition of our university is that theory is accompanied by practical training. Students begin to work at the university's well-equipped laboratories and in senior years at various plants, design offices and research institutes of this country.

It is interesting but difficult to study at our university, especially for the first-year students as they do not know yet how to organize their work and time.

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