Give adequate Russian equivalents of the italicized words.

  1. A Feast of Russian Arts
  2. British and Russian Cuisine
  3. British and Russian Cuisine
  4. British and Russian Cuisine
  5. Complete the following sentences, by unscrambling the bolded words. Spell the word. Give its definition.
  6. Complete the sentences with given words.
  7. Complete the word combinations. Translate them into Russian.

Involve - : , . : to involve- ; , ; ; , . .; to be involved- , , , ..

1. The first industrial revolution involvedthe replacement of human and animal muscle power by power of machines. 2. A technical project often starts as a simple practical activity involving only a few scientistsor engineers. 3. This institute is involved ina research project on laser techniques. 4. The activities involved in various space programshave created a revolution in scientific research.

Matter - : , , ; , . : matter- , ; (, ), , ; , . .; to matter- .

A.I. Chemistry deals with changes in the composition of matter, Physics is concerned with changes in the location or size of matter.2. Animal and human organisms fight off infections and other invasions by foreign matter. 3. The subject matter of the lecturewas the influence of the climate on the development of a nation. 4. This collection of stones provides an interesting reading matter. 5. It is no easy matter to describe this phenomenon in detail. 6. His taking part in the discussion made the matters worse. 1. The answer to

this question, however, will hardly matter under present conditions.

B. Make up English-Russian pairs of the word groups equivalent in meaning.

As a matter of fact; in a matter of seconds; it does not matter; it is a matter of common experience; it is a matter of common knowledge.

; ; (); ; .

Fig.3 Rotor motion with reversal of armature current | Fig. 4 Stator and rotor fields | Answer the questions. | Translate into English. | Define sentences with clause of reason and clause of purpose. | Give adequate Russian equivalents of the italicized words. | Read and translate the text. | Complete the sentences while translating word combinations into English. | Translate into English. | Read and translate the sentences with the adverbial clause of condition. |

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