Give adequate Russian equivalents of the italicized words.

  1. A Feast of Russian Arts
  2. British and Russian Cuisine
  3. British and Russian Cuisine
  4. British and Russian Cuisine
  5. Complete the following sentences, by unscrambling the bolded words. Spell the word. Give its definition.
  6. Complete the sentences with given words.
  7. Complete the word combinations. Translate them into Russian.

Facilitate, facility(Usually plural) - : ,

-. :to facilitate- , . .;

facilities- , , , ,

1. The new equipment will facilitatethe experiment. 2. After the Student acquires considerable facility in understanding and speaking, He learns to read and write. 3. Novosibirsk is an industrial center offering its inhabitants many urban advantages, educational facilitiesand cultural opportunities. 4. We are planning the directions and the scope of research and the provision of experimental facilities. 5. To carry out this task we need large engineering facilities. 6. To complete the project we need adequate facilities for research.

Imply, implication (s), implicit- : ,

. : to imply- , , ;implication- , ; - . .; implicit - , ..

1. The book does not claim to give more than the name implies.2. People are always talking about fundamental research, Implying the existenceof a nameless opposite. 3. Recent observations of various astronomical objects together with their theoretical implicationswere discussed at the conference. 4. Dirac's theory impliedthat there should be the same number of anti-particles as the universe. 5. What are the implications of this statement?

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