Profit sharing

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  3. Profits of age of Winner Loser tive Drawdown
  4. Sharing Family Traditions
  5. (Earnings; Income, Profit)

Interest reductions (section G 3), price controls (section H 1), state supervision of corporations (section K 2), the law on employment (section M 1), the tax measures (section H 3), and the cost-saving measures (section H 2) will assure that all revenues first go to strengthening the German economy and creating jobs. As soon as the German economy has been revived by job creation and begins to produce significant profits, it will be time to develop a comprehensive system of profit sharing.

Labor service

The labor service is not compulsory labor for the unemployed, but rather a way to involve all young German men of a certain age range in work that is important for the whole German economy, and that can not be accomplished through normal means (those in the labor service, therefore, will not compete with workers in normal jobs). There will be no exemptions for students and the wealthy, but rather each will take a shovel in hand to serve the nation though his labor. Respect and honor for manual laborers will thereby increase, just as respect for the military is increased by the introduction of universal military service.

The source:G. Stark, Moderne politische Propaganda(Munich: Verlag Frz. Eher Nachf., 1930).

Modern Political Propaganda

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