Existing jobs must be reserved for German people's comrades

  1. As long as there are still millions of people in Germany who hold to the Marxist insanity of class struggle, the German people will be unable to find its way to unity.
  2. Classification of the Germanic Languages
  3. East Germanic Languages
  4. Faith in Germany!
  5. German workers
  6. Germans, Buy only from the Jew!

If we are to guarantee the right to employment for our people's comrades, we must prevent non-Germans from taking jobs away from them. According to points 7 and 8 of our party platform, the state is obligated first of all to provide for its citizens. A citizen must be a people's comrade (point 4).

Consistent with this principle, we must be sure that in all production German material is preferred to foreign materialwhenever possible. This principle will be implemented immediately in the case of public contracts. Private industry can be encouraged to do the same, for example by not awarding public contracts to firms that repeatedly prefer foreign materials.

Social insurance

National Socialism will do all it can to maintain the social insurance system, which has been driven to collapse by the present System. The only way to rescue social insurance is by creating jobs.

Care of the elderly

We will make immediate preparations to carry out point 15 of the party platform: "We demand a generous expansion of support for the aged."

Paying of new pensions, of course, can happen only after the newly insured have made contributions over a number of years. Maintenance of benefits for those injured by war and for miners is to be guaranteed.

Working people can not be satisfied with meager unemployment benefits. Working people demand the right to a job. | These markets are available only domestically. | The private home as a productive space | Financing public job creation | Guidelines for our trade policy | Foreign currency supplies | Currency Reform | Bank supervision | Increasing the burden on those with strong shoulders | Settling the East |

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