Increasing the burden on those with strong shoulders

  2. And for Those Who Want to Become One
  3. C) Describe the World Bank's activities. Say how they differ from those of the IMF.
  4. Match the words and phrases in column A with those in column B.
  5. Perspective ways of further increasing efficiency
  6. Strong and Weak Verbs in Comparison

No one will believe that jobs can be created without sacrifice. But the sacrifices need to create jobs can not randomly be added to all the other burdens laid on working people. All the sacrifices are simply evidence of the fact that the economy is collapsing, and getting worse. Sacrifices to create jobs will lead us out from collapse and to freedom. We will be sure that the sacrifices that have to be demanded will benefit working people (see section D 3: The pay deductions from purchasers of single family houses must not enrich capitalists, but rather increase the property of the worker himself. In the same way , state subventions will enable workers to gain property more easily, or to enable policies that are in the interest of the whole economy or that guarantee our people's food supply). Moreover, we will be sure that the heaviest sacrifices are not demanded from the poorest and neediest. For the duration of the crisis, sacrifices should come from those who are best able to bear them:

Those with high incomes over 500 marks monthly must be a surtax for job creation.

High earnersof over 15,000 marks annually will pay a correspondingly higher tax.

For civil servants, the highest annual paywill be fixed at 12,000 marks. (This will not be a permanent change in the salary scale, but rather will be effective only for the duration of the current crisis.) Salaries in private industry will be similar to those of the civil service, taking into account the fact that such employees do not have a pension, and have less job security.

The growth of those with two incomesmust be completely prohibited.

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