Financing public job creation

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  3. B) Discuss the reasons which led to the creation of the UK debt market and its structural changes in the late 80s.
  4. B) Explain the essence of public debt management in France.
  5. I prophesy, Mr. Reich Chancellor, that this part of the emergency decree will lead to an enormous increase in terror and public insecurity!
  6. I. The National Socialist Job Creation Program

As new jobs are created, unemployment and welfare payments will decline and tax revenues and social security contributions will increase. These savings and increases will cover at least 50% of total costs. On average, 75% of the costs will be for wages, 25% for plant and material costs (as much of the material costs as possible in are included as wages), with the following savings and revenue increases through job creation:

Savings for the unemployed; office and town payments for unemployment support of 33% of wages, or 25% of the total costs.

Increased revenues for social security: 16% of wages, or 12% of total costs.

Increased taxes: 15% of total costs.

These monies are available for the job creation program. The state does not have to require repayment of these monies after implementation, since the funds would be spent even if the job creation program were not implemented. Those who benefit, or who purchase a private home, can, therefore, easily receive a subvention of 40%. That will encourage them to raise the rest themselves, and will therefore contribute to financing job creation. They will not, of course, be able to raise the full amount immediately, but it is reasonable to assume they can provide 20% to 30% of the total costs, Since 50% of total costs will come from savings and increased revenues on the part of the government, 70% to 80% of total costs will quickly be available. The remaining 20% ??to 30% can be financed by credit. Such a limited increase in credit is no danger to the stability of our currency.

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