Is Hitler "Subservient to Rome"?

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A Protestant church officialwho knows Hitler personally, and has observed him for a decade in Munich, answers this charge as follows:

"As far as I can tell, it is nonsense to think that Hitler is 'subservient to Rome.' If that is true, why do parts of the Catholic clergy fight him so hard? If it were true, it would be easy for him to win their favor! Hitler is German-minded and honorable, but not bound to a religious denomination, for he is the leader of a political party that includes all true Germans. "

A Reformed Protestant pastor wrote this about the same question:

Dear Sir!

You have asked me for information based on my personal acquaintance with Mr. Adolf Hitler.

I have had opportunity to observe Adolf Hitler for years. I am duty-bound to say that claims that Hitler is "in Rome's service," that he is "subservient to Rome," that he is "under Jesuit influence," are fables and slanders. These distortions are used by his political opponents to harm Hitler's image among the Protestant part of the German people. If I shared this doubt, I would not be a member of the NSDAP. I can not understand why such rumors have any credibility today, since it is known that Catholic dignitaries publicly oppose Hitler and his movement.

From my perspective, Hitler may not be judged from a denominational standpoint. Just as he stands above "parties" in the usual sense, so he stands above denominational strife. But he acts like a Christian! He above all is to be thanked - and I share this conviction with many observers - for the fact that a large part of Europe has been so far protected from Bolshevism.

Munich, 27 March ' .

Hans Wegner, Pastor of the Evangelical-Reformed Church in Munich

"Hitler is an enemy of the Catholic Faith"

A Catholic priestwho examined all of Hitler's statements carefully before he could decide to speak for the party in good conscience, wrote the following about whether he would vote for Hindenburg or Hitleron 13 (sic) March 1932:

"You want to know whom I, the Catholic priest, am voting for as Reich President. I am not voting for Hindenburg, but rather for Hitler. The day comes for each of us when his strength fails, when he is too old for his duties, regardless of what he did for his nation in his younger and fresher years. One then has the moral obligation to give up the office one has held and pass on the care of the nation to younger and fresher forces. That is why, to say it again, I am voting for Hitler. There has seldom been a man whom I admired as much as Hindenburg. The people who wanted nothing to do with him seven years ago, and held other candidates as worthier Reich Presidents, thought my admiration to be a special sort of evil. I am not shamed of that admiration, and even today it burns within me, because I can not forget what this man did for my fatherland. Yet still, to say it a third time, I am voting for Hitler , for age is age, and failing strength is failing strength, and it would be terrible for me if this man, in whose camp Germany stood for the long, hard years of war would be driven to partisan political maneuvering. You know that I am hardly uncritical when it comes to your party, but I will rejoice in the day when the world hears the news that Adolf Hitler has been elected President of the German Reich.

Cologne-Delbruck, 3 March 1932 signed Dr. W. Engel. "

After the first round of the election, he added the following lines to the above letter on 18 March:

"... What people are gradually beginning to realize (and which for Hitler is strong incentive to continue in the same direction) is this: the NSDAP is the purest of the political parties. The people who voted for Hitler are people who think the same and have similar wills. Hindenburg's voters, however, are a mish-mash of political viewpoints, a political stew ...

You will surely remember Mr. von Loebell, who put the Hindenburg coalition together seven years ago. I have since discovered that he is a 33rd degree Scottish Freemason. What does Hindenburg really think of Freemasonry? If he himself is a Freemason, you will understand why, particularly after the recent papal statement against Freemasonry, it would be impossible for a Catholic priest to vote for this man, even if he is supported by less well informed leading Catholic priests in Germany. ..

Signed: Dr. W. Engel "

If a Catholic priest can vote for Hitler, any good Catholic can do so as well without having any problems with his conscience!And when he understands that Hitler alone is to thank for the fact that Germany has been saved from Bolshevism, which destroys Christian culture, churches, and altars, he mustvote for Hitler.

That can not be changed by attempts to prove that Hitler is "hostile to religion," using works by private, independent works by National Socialists, or by the poetic fantasies of Dietrich Eckart, whose conversations with Hitler never happened.

"Hitler - A Czech!"

Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn. Those opponents who spread the lie of a "Czech Hitler" depend on the confusion of Braunau am Inn with the Braunau in Czechoslovakia. Braunau am Inn is on the Bavarian border, with only the Inn River between them.It is over 80 kilometers as the crow flies to the Czech border, twice as much as the distance between Dresden and the Czech border. Up until the second half of the 18th century, Braunau belonged to Bavaria.

Hitler, therefore, was born within Greater Germany. Both parents are of German blood.They could not even speak Czech (and Hitler lived many years of his youth with his parents on Reich German soil, in Passau). Hitler became a German citizen before he became a candidate for Reich President by act of the National Socialist government in Braunschweig. He himself always refused to ask the Reich government to give to him what it gave without hesitation to tens of thousands of Galician Jews, even though he had long-since earned it through four years of service at the front in the German army during the war .

"Hitler Means Inflation, a Reduction in Unemployment Benefits and Pensions, Civil War, and Chaos"

These charges are an example of the "stop thief!" tactics used by the parties of the Hindenburg front. They know well enough that a continuation of their regime will lead to complete financial collapse in the not too distant future, already hinted at by current goings on with the banks. Everyone knows that an improvement in finances can only result from a general improvement in the economy, and that this in turn can only result from increased productivity by everyone. They also know that under Hindenburg and the governments under him, unemployment has risen from 736,000 in ' ' to 6,250,000 today, and that if the system of little emergency degree tinkering continues, unemployment will continue to rise. They know that they can temporarily postpone their system of financial collapse, whether in the short or long term, through measures that will cause inflation. Since they know that, and since they can no longer see any way out, they attempt to divert attention by saying that Hitler will cause inflation. They conceal what they know well enough, that Hilferding from their own Social Democratic group, was the one who caused inflation.This completely fulfilled their old program plank on the fight against "capital" and the expropriation of the wealthy, since even the poorest grandma lost the last penny that she had saved for her old age. In thanks, the "bourgeoisie" today marches arm and arm with the comrades of the SPD, attempting to save the system responsible for it all by using Hindenburg's name. Just as intentionally, they conceal the fact that it was Hitler who predicted inflation, who said that the government's measures had to lead to inflation, and who also showed how to avoid inflation.

The "Hindenburg parties" know that the financial collapse that their System has to lead to ending unemployment benefits and pensions, just as the danger of collapse has already led to reducing them. Their leaders know that there are already places in Germany that are no longer able to pay these benefits, and are instead giving them permits that ask the authorities not to arrest them for begging (!) Since they know this, and can not see any way out , they are spreading the fable that Hitler wants to stop unemployment benefits and pensions.

The SPD's leaders in the "Hindenburg Front" know that if such support is eliminated because of financial collapse, the result will be civil war.They do not even want to avoid civil war.To conceal that, they accuse Hitler of wanting civil war,and their bourgeois allies in the "Hindenburg Front" do all they can to help spread this lie. Red Prussia instituted a big effort to search National Socialist homes in the hope of finding support for their fairy tales about civil war.

Why is it that the leaders of the SPD do not even want to avoid the civil war that has to follow the collapse of their regime? Because civil war is a step on the path to reaching their goals. That these remain what they always were, and that they are misusing the name "Hindenburg," is shown by a passage from the newspaper Eiserne Frontin Mecklenburg of 6 March 1932:

"This election is not the decisive battle between capitalism and socialism. Our side certainly can not achieve that under Hindenburg's banner. When the hour comes for that, we will vote for someone else."

In plain language, German citizens should understand that the SPD, in desperation, is trying to save itself under the "Hindenburg banner." Once the danger Hitler poses to them is past, they can kick the "bourgeoisie" out. Then the SPD will be able to fight the decisive battle between the system of general expropriation, Marxism, and the system based on private property, on the accomplishments of the individual. For those who sought to rescue Marxism under the "Hindenburg banner," the result of the victory of Marxism in this "decisive battle" will be widespread starvation and forced labor, following the Russian model.

He who wants to please Scheidemann, Dittmann, Crispien, and the other comrades in the "Hindenburg Front," therefore, helps by spreading tales about Hitler causing inflation, cutting unemployment payments and pensions, and bringing about civil war and chaos. He thereby contributes to maintaining the current System, which is bringing all these things about!

"Hitler - An Austrian Deserter"

It has been said that Hitler evaded military service in Austria, and only because of that served in the Bavarian army.

The following document provides the answer:

Office of the State Government, State Registry Office, Nr. 786

Official Statement

Adolf Hitler, born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau am Inn and resident of Linz, Upper Austria, son of Alois and Klara (maiden name, Plotzl), was found by examination of the 3rd age group in Salzburg on 5 February 1914 to be " too weak for military or support service, "and was declared" unfit for military service. "

Linz, 23 February 1932 signed Opitz

Hitler, of course, volunteered immediately at the beginning of the war and served in the Bavarian army from the start to the finish. Since he was in Munich at the time, this required the permission of the King of Bavaria. His service at the front was interrupted only by two wounds.

"Hitler - A Shirker"

The party that, along with the USPD that had again joined its ranks, just after the revolution proclaimed it an honor to have been a shirker, or even a deserter, invented the lie shortly before the Reich presidential election that Hitler had shirked his duty. At Fournes in particular, he had always been "far from the action." A temporary ban was imposed on that SPD pamphlet. In the subsequent court proceeding, the judge had to rule that the claim was untrue, based on an impressive number of sworn statements by witnesses, either on paper or directly before the court.

Here are excerpts from the sworn statements:

"... I want to stress that, when during the attack on the axe-shaped piece of forest (later called the Bavarian Forest), I left the cover of the forest near Wytschaete to better observe the attack, Hitler and another courier from the regimental staff, the volunteer Bachmann, placed themselves in front of me to protect me from machine gun fire with their own bodes. "

Signed: Engelhardt, Major General (retired), former commander of the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List).

"... I can only give former Corporal Hitler the greatest praise for his extraordinary accomplishments. Fournes was a village behind the regiment's battle line. It served as a recovery area for battalion relieved from the front, and also served as the seat of the regimental staff during calmer periods. The village was within the danger zone, and was frequently under rather heavy fire. During battle, the regimental headquarters was moved about 3/4 of an hour forward to Fournelles, and orders had to be carried to the front line. The path was often under enemy machine gun and artillery fire. I can never remember a single time when Hitler was absent from his post. Hitler may wear the medals he earned with pride ... "

Signed: Satny, Colonel (retired), former commander of the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List).

"Mr. Hitler, as corporal, was a courier for the regimental staff, and was not only always willing to carry out hard tasks, but did so with distinction. I stress that the List Regiment, as might be expected from its history, was at the toughest parts of the front, fighting in frequent major battles ... "

Signed: Baligand, Colonel (retired), last commander of the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List).

"... At particularly dangerous points I often was asked for volunteers, and at such times Hitler regularly volunteered, and without hesitation ..."

Signed: Bruno Horn, Lieutenant with the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List).

"... Hitler never hesitated in the least in carrying out even the most difficult order, and very often took on the most dangerous duties for his comrades.

Couriers for the regimental staff had to be among the most reliable people, because serving as a regimental courier during battles and skirmishes required iron nerves and a cool head. Hitler always did his duty, and even after his severe thigh wound, and volunteered to be sent back to his regiment from the reserve battalion immediately after his release from the hospital ... "

Signed: Max Amann, former sergeant with the the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List).

"... I often met Corporal Adolf Hitler as he served as courier to and from the front. Anyone who understands the duties of a courier - and any soldier who has served at the front does - knows what it means, day after day and night after night to move through artillery fire and machine gun fire from the rear ... "

Signed: Joseph Lohr, officer candidate with the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List).

"... It is true that Hitler was nearly blinded by a courier mission during a heavy gas attack, even though he was wearing a gas mask ..."

Signed: Jakob Wei?, NCO with the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List).

"... Hitler received the Iron Cross, First Class, during the spring or summer of 1918 for his outstanding service as a courier during the great offensive of 1918 , an in particular for his personal capture of a French officer and about 15 men, whom he suddenly encountered during a mission, and as a result of his quick thinking and decisive action, captured.

Hitler was seen by his fellow couriers, and many others in the regiment, as one of the best and bravest soldiers. "

Signed: Ernst Schmidt, with the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16 (List) from November 1914 until October 1918.

The most sensational moment of the trial came during the testimony of Hitler's regimental comrade Michel Schlehuber, a Social Democratand union memberfor 35 years, who was called as a witness by the opposing side:

"I have known Hitler since the departure for the front of the Bavarian R.-F.-R. 16. I came to know Hitler as a good soldier and faultless comrade. I never saw Hitler attempt to avoid any duty or danger.

I was part of the division from first to last, and never heard anything then or afterwards bad about Hitler. I was astonished when I later read unfavorable things about Hitler's service as a soldier in the newspapers.

I disagree entirely with Hitler on political matters, and give this testimony only because I highly respect Hitler as a war comrade. "

Signed: Michael Schlehuber

"Hitler Can not Keep His Promises!"

Hitler promises nothing, and has never promised anything.He has begun a number of his speeches by saying that he is not in the happy position of the speakers of other parties who, for example, speak only to farmers, and can therefore promise higher prices for their products, or only to city-dwellers , and therefore promise lower food prices, or promise higher pay to civil servants, or higher pay to workers, or lower wages to employers, or tax reductions to everyone. He speaks in his meetings to those of all classes and occupations of the German people, and he knows that promises made by others can not be kept, since they contradict each other. As he said: "I plan only one thing for the new state: work, work, and more work, for we have become a poor people! However, everyone who wants to work should be able to work, and each should know why he is working - he should benefit from the results of his labor. "

Hitler Will Make All Working Women Unemployed! "

This has been a particularly effective election lie, based on the falsification of a statement by a National Socialist speaker. Of course Hitler does not intend to suddenly throw working women onto the street.He knows that, from an economic standpoint, it makes no difference whether several million more men or several million more women are unemployed. He knows that it would harm the economy and state apparatus if trained, experienced women, who may be better qualified than men, suddenly were laid off. He knows that, under current economic conditions, men can not suddenly take care of women who were formerly employed. He knows that families with many children, or injured war veterans receiving a starvation pension, can not do without the usually small income of the woman, if they are not to join the enormous number of people today who commit suicide as a last resort.

Hitler will not play around with measures like the 4-pfenning emergency decree [In December 1931 the Bruning government decided to issue a four pfennig coin to encourage lower prices. It did not go over well.], But rather will attack the root of the problem.That means bringing the army of the unemployed, and each individual, back into the productive process.

"Hitler is Just a Dilettante"

That is said by the same citizens, and the same "national" newspapers who once saw the former saddle-maker Friedrich Ebert as a worthy president of the German Reich, and who could not say enough about his "significance as a statesman."And by the same ones who held Hindenburg for a great genius able to master all areas, even though he himself said in his memoirs that he had never read a book that was not on military matters.

A former imperial ambassador,certainly no political novice, said this about Hitler:

"I had two opportunities to speak for a long time with Hitler. I will never be able to forget these conversations.

I hold Hitler to be a political thinker of extraordinary stature. He naturally understands things that require hard work for others.

His fine sense of foreign policy is surprising, which allows him to make the right decision instinctively ... "

Burg Rotenburg, Wieslock-Land, Baden, 10 March ' .

Signed: Franz von Reichenau, Imperial Ambassador (retired), Privy Councilor

One might ask who showed the greater political wisdom: Hindenburg, who when he signed the Young Plan said that it would benefit Germany in every way, or Hitler, who rejected the plan and predicted precisely the consequences it would have for Germany. Or the abilities shown by an entirely unknown man, without resources, in the face of resistance and persecution, who took a group of seven men and made it into the best-organized political movement in Germany, which today has over 11 million supporters, nearly a third of all voting Germans, while the Hindenburg Front includes 16 (!) parties attempting to block Hitler's victory.

It might also be noted the Italian bourgeoisie once had equally "serious reservations" about the "dilettante" Mussolini. Mussolinihad this to say during the 1930 Reichstag election: "Hitler is a great leader, a great organizer. "'

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