Hindenburg tolerated and approved the crippling of the German freedom movement through political emergency decrees that eliminated freedom of the press and opinion.

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  2. As long as there are still millions of people in Germany who hold to the Marxist insanity of class struggle, the German people will be unable to find its way to unity.
  3. B) Read the text below and say whether it confirms your opinion.
  4. B) Read the text below and say whether it confirms your opinion.
  5. Bloody Terror and Bruning's Emergency Decree
  6. Classification of the Germanic Languages
  7. Complete the dialogue using words and expressions from the list above.

Hindenburg banned old soldiers and his former comrades from wearing their honorable brown and field-gray uniforms, which particularly affected the national freedom movement.

Hindenburg tolerated and protected the terror and slander of Marxist government offices against the men who, despite hatred and bloody terror, made his election possible seven years ago.

The Great Illusion

The field marshal has accepted candidacy from the men who, seven years ago, attacked him in the most hateful ways, and is ready to run on behalf of those who opposed him in 1925. Hindenburg accepted candidacy with honest, plain, and simple words. No German will doubt that the venerable general spoke from honest conviction.

Yet these plain words are a great tragedy! They reveal the great illusion of the German middle class of the

Unity of the German nation!

In his election proclamation, Hindenburg said:

"Should I be elected, I will continue to serve the fatherland with all my strength, loyally and conscientiously, to strive for freedom and equality abroad and

for unity at home. "

A great illusion is concealed by these words, namely that at the moment there is not a German people that one could unify.

We are still not a People!

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