1. Been solved and in the future it would be possible via satellite and cable TV to use more channels on a TV set at every home in the world.
  2. Describe the picture. Use the Present Simple and the Present Continuous.
  3. Ex. 22 Grammar Focus 2. The Present Simple.
  4. Ex. 26 Grammar Focus 3. The Past Simple.
  5. Ex. 4 Grammar focus 7. Simple Tenses (Passive Voice).
  6. Ex. 7. Grammar focus 1. Past Simple and Present Perfect.
  7. Ex.12 Grammar Focus 12. The Passive Voice (Revision). The Future Simple.

The Future Simple Tense ( )

䳿 , :

1. Future Simple

2. to be going to

3. Present Continuous

1. Future Simple 䳿, , , .

We will send them the invitation only in a week. .
I forgot to phone Jane. I'll phone her now. . .

Future Simple , , 䳺 will . 1- I willshall.


I (shall) will = I'll we (shall) will = we'll

you will = you'll you will = you'll

he will = he'll they will = they'll

she will = she'll

it will = it'll

She willcomeThey will come will be late
Willshe come? - Yes, she will / No she won'tWill they come? - Yes, they will / No they won'tWill he be late? - Yes, he will / No he will not
She will not (will not) come.They will not (will not) come.He will not (will not) be late.

䳿 :

Tomorrow -
tomorrow morning (evening, night, ...) - (, )
the day after tomorrow -
in a week (a day, a few days, a month, a year,) - (, , , ,)
next week (year ...) - ( )
soon -
one of these days -
in 2015 - 2015

, :

probably I'll probably be home at about 7 o'clock.

maybe Maybe I'll write to her.

perhaps Perhaps he will not come.

I expect I expect he'll phone this evening.

(I'm) sure Do not worry. I'm sure they'll agree to our terms.

(I'm) not sure I'm not they'll get married.

(I) think Do you think it will rain?

(I) do not think I do not think the test will be very difficult.

(I) hope Tom will like the present we bought for him.

shall, , . .:

ShallI open the window?

ShallI buy this jacket?

ShallI call for you?

What time shallI phone you?

will :

Willyou, please, turn the radio down?

Willyou pass me the salt, please?

Pass me the salt, willyou?

Willyou take the part in our discussion?

2. to be going to( - ) -, :

She is going tobuy a small cottage in the country.

I'm going tobuy a new car.

When are you going tovisit Mr.Brown?

Look at those black clouds. It's going torain.

What are you going todo on Saturday?

This food is awful. I'm not going toeat it.

to be going to, , to go, to come 䳺 . 䳿 Present Continuous.

3. Present Continuous 䳿 , :

What are you doingnext Saturday?

I can not meet you tomorrow. I'm visitingour productive plant.

IsJohn leavingtonight?

When areyour parents arriving?

Sorry, I'm busy on Monday. I'm playingtennis.

, , .., 䳿 Present Simple.

What time doesthe train leave?

The train leavesat 6.40.

When doesthe concert start?

The film beginsat 17.30.

The exhibition finisheson 7 April.

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