Find the equivalents of following word combinations.

  1. A Discuss the following questions in small groups.
  2. A) Complete the following sentences with ideas of your own.
  3. A) Study the following words and learn them. Learn the words by heart.
  4. Answer the following questions and do the given assignment.
  5. Answer the following questions.
  6. Answer the following questions.
  7. B) Complete the followings sentences using either the noun PLAY or the noun PERFORMANCE.

the force is exerted on the conductor

the magnetic flux density


load connection

slight reduction in speed

a load applied to the motor

remain constant

shunt-field flux

to short the series field

saturated magnetic material

the square of the armature current ,

Complete the sentences with words given in previous exercise and translate them into Russian.

1. A force _____ because it is carrying current and it is located in a magnetic field.

2. Because the shunt field is connected across the line, the flux in the machine_____, or will not change.

3. The torque developed by the motor is directly dependent upon the armature current.

4. The armature current depends directly upon _____connected to the motor.

5. This _____ reduces the counter-emf.

6. A load applied to the motor results in an increase in_____.

7. The series-field winding may also be connected differentially so that the series-field flux will oppose _____.

8. It is best _____when starting to prevent starting up in the wrong direction.

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