Answer the questions.

  1. A) Write the questions that might be answered in it.
  2. Answer all the questions on the basis of what is stated in the passage. For each question select the best answer A, B, C, D.
  3. Answer the following questions and do the given assignment.
  4. Answer the following questions.
  5. Answer the following questions.
  6. Answer the questions
  7. Answer the questions

1. What are three characteristics that specify the steady-state performance of a dc generator?

2. Describe the open-circuit characteristic.

3. Describe the open characteristic.

4. Describe the load characteristic.

5. What do the other characteristics depend on?

6. What is the terminal voltage related to?

7. What is voltage buildup?

8. What may be reasons for failure of voltage buildup?

9. Give the definition of cumulatively compound generators.

10. Give the definition of flat-compounded generators.

11. Give the definition of under-compounded generators.

12. Give the definition of differentially compounded generators.

6. What do we call:

1. The shunt-field circuit is connected directly across the armature, without including the series field.

2. The no-load magnetization curve, which gives the relationship between the generated emf and field current at constant speed.

3. It gives the relationship between the terminal voltage and load current at constant speed.

4. It gives the relationship between the terminal voltage and field current, with constant armature current and speed.

5. Vt = Ea - IaRa

6. It is also used sometimes as a tachogenerator when a signal proportional to motor speed is required for control or display purposes.

7. In this type of generator the series and field winding mmfs are adding.

8. In this type of generator the series winding mmf opposes that of the shunt -field winding.

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