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Nick Petrov Aged 22

You are an out-of-door type of young man and think that the only thing worth spending money on is travelling. You find Ann very fussy about clothes, restaurant, guests. You love Ann very much but you want to be firm and persuade her to go to St. Petersburg. It's your birthplace and you can show her a lot in this beautiful city, or can just as well get a package tour.

Ann Semenova Aged 20

You love Nick very much and think you are lucky to have such a husband. But you are the sort of girl who likes to keep up with the Joneses1. Your mother promised to foot the bill, that's why you think nothing of spending a lot of money.

You are so excited that you can hardly listen to what Nick is suggesting. But finally the idea of ??spending a month in St. Petersburg together with Nick seems romantic to you.



Tom / Dorothy Walter Aged 22

You are an English student and it's your first year in Russia. You are enjoying your stay in Moscow and are interested in learning more about the Russian people and their way of life. You can hardly wait to see the wedding and the reception as you have heard a lot about Russian parties. You ask all sorts of questions concerning the conditions of life of newly-wed couples. (How they budget, where they live, how they manage their studies.)

Irene Nosova Aged 22

You are a student and have been married for 2 years already. You remember your wedding very well. You and your husband were very short of money and there was no money coming from home at that time. All the students gathered in the dining-room to congratulate you and when the party was coming to its close they gave you two tickets to Tallinn as a present. How einjoyable your trip was! What you do not understand is why Ann is going to invite so many people she and Nick hardly know at all.

Helen Bobrova Aged 18

You are Ann's roommate and a friend of hers but you are a poor mixer and have no boy-friend. You look forward to the wedding reception no matter where it is going to be held, as you are sure there will be lots of young boys there and who knows ... As for the money problems you suggest a simple way out - a party in the Halls of Residence.

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