A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.

  1. A Selection of Lies about Hitler
  2. A) Study the following words and learn them. Learn the words by heart.
  3. A. (book closed) Tell your partner what you have read about
  4. About Eating Out in Britain
  5. About Eating Out in Britain
  6. About Eating Out in Britain

b) Answer the following questions using the topical vocabulary:

1. What are the usual steps that precede marriage? 2. Have you ever witnessed a wedding ceremony? Describe it naming all the participants and their activities. 3. Under what circumstances can a family foster a child? Think of some example. 4. Do you believe house chores should be distributed among the members of the family? 5. What would you take into consideration while distributing house chores in your family? 6. What do you like to do about the house and what do you dislike?

7. What would you do if your husband / wife comes home from work tired and irritated? 8. If you feel ill-treated or hurt by your husband / wife do you think you should have, the matter out at once or would you wait till you cool down?

c) Consider the following "Being married or being single". You should: 1. discuss the differences between them; 2. discuss the advantages and disadvantages they have; 3. say what you would do if you were given the choice (use the topical vocabulary).

3. Marriage has always been argued about. Below are statements about marriage which express different opinions. Imagine that they are your opinions, and change them into subjective arguments:

1. Society would not exist without marriage. 2. Marriage is unnecessary. 3. Marriage is important for the children. 4. Marriage keeps couples together. 5. A marriage licence is a worthless piece of paper. 6. Marriage restricts freedom. 7. A lot of married people get divorced.

4. Choose one of the following topics and prepare to give your views on it for 1 1/2to 2 minutes. You may make notes, but do not try to write out a whole speech. (The students are allowed 15 minutes to prepare this beforehand):

1. Husbands and wives who both work should share domestic chores. 2. The problems of having a granny in the family. 3. Courses on marriage and family matters in secondary school might be helpful in preserving the family. 4. Home life feels the stress of social life. 5. Divorce is morally wrong and marriage should be preserved at all costs. 6. Marriages at later ages are more stable. 7. Love begins at home.

5. What are the characteristics of a wife / husband and a mother-in-law?

a) Study the following characteristics of:

1. Wife or husband: tolerant, considerate, faithful, affectionate to husband / wife, affectionate to children, hard-working, tidy, home-loving, good-looking, rich, thrifty, quiet, well-educated.

2. Mother-in-law: willing to baby-sit, attractive, generous, young (relatively), well-dressed, rich, good at organizing home, has telephone, has many interests, does not interfere, has other married children, lives nearby.

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