C) Make a round table discussion of the American holidays.

  1. American Family Trends
  2. Americans and Higher Education
  3. An Open Discussion
  4. As you know the language of maths uses signs and symbols. In the table below you can find some of them. Study their wording
  5. B. a suitable preposition from the list.
  6. C) Make a speech on the American tradition to celebrate Halloween.

8. As you know the Americans and British have very much to common in their cultural traditions, for example Christmas and Halloween. But certain celebrations originating in historical events are particular to only one country. An example: this is the British Bonfire Night.

a) Read the text:

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Gunpowder Treason and Plot.

I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgot.


When one person says of another, "What a guy!" it is not always meant as a compliment, and this can be explained by the history of the word. On November 5th in the year 1605 the famous Gunpowder Plot was perpetrated as a protest against the sharp enforcement of the anti-Catholic laws of King James I. The anniversary of this event is celebrated each year in England and is called Guy Fawkes Day in memory of the chief character in the drama. This fellow Fawkes took a house adjoining the Houses of Parliament in London, tunneled through to the cellar, and concealed a nice fat charge of gunpowder in the coal bin. Unfortunately one of those conspirators betrayed their leader and this led to the discovery of the plot and Guy Fawkes being tortured and hanged. On this day it is customary in England to carry an effigy of Fawkes through the streets and then to burn it. 1) The children ask passers-by the traditional phrase "Have you got a penny for the guy, please?" collecting the money to buy fireworks with. In the evening on the 5th of November, the children have a big bonfire, eat roast chestnuts and let off the fireworks. 2) Many other people, besides Guy Fawkes, have been burned as dummies on November 5th ... Napoleon Bonaparte became a "Guy" many times during his lifetime, and in 1945 a dummy of Hitler was burned on hundreds of fires all over Britain . 3) "Beefeaters" still search the cellars of the House of Commons and the House of Lords on the first day of a new Parliament, before members take their seats. They have always done so since 1605.

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