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1. a) Consult a dictionary and practise the pronunciation of the following words:

purport; illusion; expunge; consciousness; liquidate; fascinate; ally; superior; rivals; hostility; rococo; meticulously; salon; soprano; baritone; canal; lilac; invaluable; hydrogen; reminiscent; vigorous; prophet; apartheid; obscenity; hurricane; liable.

b) Ask your partner to read the words. Correct his / her mistakes.

2. Practice the pronunciation of the following polysyllabic words paying attention to the stresses:

generation; totalitarism; civilisation; pre-war; film-makers; disappear; reinforce; mediaeval; international; education; intel-ligencia; opposition; half-naked; ideological; interpretation; ballerina; sinuosity; atmosphere; delegation; politicians.

3. Read the following word combinations paying attention to the phonetic phenomena of connected speech:

in the early years after the war when we first heard the truth; could distroy national traditions; carried the seeds of its own destruction; war still there; I admired the paintings of Deineka; they were in a book; after the war I found that my friend had disappeared during the great purges; we were, of course, taken to schools; it also included the visits to the Hermitage; used to meet in those nineteenth-century surroundings; at the courts of Queen Victoria; I was immensely impressed by the charm and quality of the young sixth formers; in manner and appearance; in their country; signs of culural thaw; at the Old Vie; on the other hand; yet the general atmosphere; restricted though they were; on the contrary, three days is better than three weeks; anything over a week and less than three years.

4. Read the passage beginning with "After the war I found ..." up to "... where their knowledge of the outside world is invaluable" and pay attention to tones, weak forms and rhythm.

5. Complete the following sentences:

a) 1. Dramatic ..., we shall all enjoyed the performance. 2. Strange ... the dog was not paying any attention to us. 3. Unexpected ..., we had given them a respectable welcoming party.

b) 1. The artistic directior presented the main character as a ... rather than as a ... we used to imagine him to be. 2.1 expected him to appear as a ... rather than as a ... 3. For all my expectations, the play was performed as a ... rather than as a ...

c) 1. These stories are more likely to ... rather than to ... 2. Such good examples encourage people to ... rather than to ... 3. In my opinion, such students are sure to ... the exam rather than to ...

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