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I. 1. If you try very hard you can master any language. 2. If
you want to master any language you must know at least three
thousand words. 3. You willimprove your pronunciation if you
read aloud every day. 4. Time will be saved if one uses a com
puter. 5. If you learn all the words of the lesson you will write
your test successfully. 6. If you or I add up two numbers of six
figures without a calculator, it will take us a lot of time.

II. 1. It would be a good thing if you did not smoke. 2. If the
earth did not rotate it would not have the shape of a ball. 3. If I
had the time I should help you to solve the problem. But I must
be off. 4.1 should translate the article without difficulty if I knew
English well. 5. If I were in your place I should learn to speak
English fluently. 6. Were you asked to explain why addition is
performed the way it is, you would probably have to think for a
while before answering.

HI. 1.1 decided to stay at home last night. I would have gone out if I had not been so tired. 2. Had he not been busy, he would not have missed that conference. 3. Why did not you phone me yesterday? I would have helped you. 4. If you had attended preliminary courses, you would have passed you examinations more successfully. 5. Had the manager had this information before, he would have acted differently. 6. The binary system is particulary appropriate to the nature of an electric machine; if it had not existed, computer designers would have had to invent it.


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