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1. In fact, converting conventional kinds of fuels into electricity is not economic enough. 2. The first problem was getting enough light to make the spectral analysis of substance. 3. On convening water into ice we do not change its composition. 4. The idea of ??utilizing the energy of oceans is not new, but tidal station are still few. 5. Our engineers are engaged in designing tidal power stations of various capacities. 6. Their aim is finding new ways of utilizing this first-class polymer in light industry. 7. Scientists take great interest in the methods of turning the light and heat of the sun directly into electricity. 8. V. Petrov was the follower of Lomonosov in studying electricity in our country. 9. By subjecting air to very great pressure and cooling it is possible to transform it to the liquid state. 10 Heating can cause different chemical changes. 11. Scientists are doing their best to find more efficient ways of generating electricity directly from water. 12. Recently scientists have succeeded in creating a few kinds of generators for converting heat directly into light. 13. Using new alternative fuels for the production of electricity is highly promising. 14. While heavy atoms can be made to release energy by splitting () light atoms, light atoms, such as hydrogen, can yield () energy by being fused together. 15. The task of the factory was producing corrosion-resistant alloys in far larger quantities. 16. Scientists are doing their best to find more efficient ways of utilizing solar energy. 17. They already succeeded in developing some processes which are much more efficient than before. 18. The task of the scientist was studying absolutely new methods of generating electricity. 19. Heating can cause the chemical changes. 20. The brushes are held in contact with the commutator by combining of brush holders and springs. 21. Petrov was the first to speak about the possibility of using the electric arc for lighting. 22. This problem is not worth speaking of. 23. Making giant molecules out of little ones is called polymerization. 24. I must apologize for having interrupted you.

25. After studying and analyzing a tremendous amount of material Mendeleyev succeeded in determining the correct atomic weight of nine elements. 26. Before starting this device one must examine it carefully. 27. One of the best ways of keeping the speed steady is using a computer for this purpose. 28. Measuring resistance is necessary in many experiments. 29. In +1869 Mendeleyev suggested using a new system of the classification of elements. 30. The task of the scientist was studying the mechanisms of polymerization. 31 Detecting an object in the dark is the purpose of the "night vision system". 32. Petrov was the first to discover the possibility of getting metals out of ores by means of electricity. 33. Did you succeed in persuading our colleagues? 34. Computers are widely used for controlling all kinds of processes. 35. The task of the scientist was finding the conditions for processing polymer materials. 36. A new device for monitoring and adjusting air pressure in tires has recently been developed. 37. They are not interested in acquiring better knowledge. 38. Now I am to stop admitting the air. 39. Observing these phenomena in nature is not difficult. 40. He will not make his description brief without eliminating all the unnecessary details. 41. His task consists in providing the necessary materials for the experiment. 42. Making such experiments was not an easy task at that time. 43. In passing from the nozzle (cono) through one set of blades () the velocity of the steam is lowered. 44. The idea of ??making thus experiment belongs to my friend. 45. The function of a car computer is detecting and summing up the information about the road conditions. 46. ??Mendeleyev's work resulted in publishing the Periodic Law of Elements which brought him world-wide fame. 47. They showed no sign of recognizing us. 48. It is difficult to solve some of the present-day scientific and technological problems without using supercomputers. 49. Publishing these papers in time is very important for your future research work. 50. She began making this experiment yesterday.

Lesson 5. | Find the international words in text. | Read and translate the text. | Make up the sentences. | 䳺 . | , , . | Give adequate Russian equivalents of the italicized words. | Read and translate the text. | . | Read and translate the text. |

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