Final discussion on the text.

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  2. An Open Discussion
  3. B) Answer the questions on the text.
  4. B) Answer the questions on the text.
  5. B) Answer the questions on the text.
  6. B) Explain what are hedging techniques mentioned in the text.
  7. B) Write down 3-5 questions about the text.

1. What can you say about the structure of Russian system of education?

2. What are three basic kinds of higher education institutions in Russia?

3. Why is it so important to our country to improve engineering education now?

4. What types of engineers can you mention according to types of training?

5. What are the peculiarities of foreign language study in Russia?

6. Tell everything you know about Russian higher education?

8. Comment upon the following statements.

1. We live in a special moment of history.

2. It is extremely important for our country to accept the fact that education today is an integral part of the national development strategy.

3. Now all over the world in engineer's training, radical transition from "the school of memory" to the institute in which the student is taught to use his own thinking is being carried out.

4. In order to more closely correspond with educational systems in the USA in Europe, the Russian system has begun to change.

5. Nowadays the requirement for English proficiency in non-language specialties has become evident.

6. The Russian system of higher education is one whose reputation has survived many governmental forms, and international and financial crises.

Think about a good or bad learning experience you have had. (At school or at university).

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