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  1. A) The states and their Capitals
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  4. B) Explain the objective of Financial Statements and say what ensures usefulness of information disclosed in them to the users.
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  6. Baudrillard J.Op. / .; Galbnith J.K. TheNew Industrial State.- N.Y.1967. - P. 215 et al.
  7. Baudrillard J.Op. / .; Galbnith J.K. TheNew Industrial State.- N.Y.1967. - P. 215 et al.

Don State Technical University (DSTU) is the biggest dynamically developing centre of science, education and culture.

Don State Technical University takes a special place in the educational complex of the South region. About 13 thousand students study at 12 faculties in 43 specialties. No one other university in our region has such a unique range of professional suggestions. There is a great number of different traditions at our university; among them there is succession of generations, special atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual support. We are glad to admit everybody to our large friendly family.

The University has trained more than 60000 engineers, technologists, programmers, economists and other specialists. Hundreds of Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctors of Science (D.Sc.) successfully defended their thesis. About three thousand specialists have been trained in DSTU for 58 foreign countries. Having the state certificates of degree DSTU graduates work in Russian and foreign scientific and design organizations, firms, banks, in governmental, educational and private enterprises.

The history of DSTU is closely connected with the history of industry formation and development in the South of Russia. The DSTU history began on May 14thin 1930.

That year North-Caucasian Institute of Agricultural Engineering (the first name of the University) consisted of two departments: Agricultural Machines and Metal Technology

The year ' ' is one of the most significant dates in the history of our University. On the 24th of December, 1992, Rostov-on-Don Institute of Agricultural Engineering was reorganized into Don State Technical University. It was the logical conclusion of the prolonged work. Nowadays DSTU is the universal higher technical educational institution.

In 2007 the structure of the university has been reorganized greatly. New faculties have been established and new specialties have been opened.

Today DSTU has 12 faculties and more than 40 specialities of higher professional education, a Gymnasia, Technical Lyceum, College of Economics, Management and Law. There are 6,000 foreign and native students in the University. In DSTU 650 teachers conduct the training process, 65% of them have degrees and academic ranks, 65 Doctors of Sciences, Professors. The University has 8 educational, research and engineering buildings, specialized classes and laboratories; the local computer network functions in the University. It unites all the departments and goes out into the regional and global information networks.

DSTU is the largest research centre in the region. The University realizes the scientific programs in cooperation with higher schools and scientific organizations in Great Britain, Germany, Poland, India; it is the member of the international scientific educational associations.

The traditional connection between science and manufacture remains the most important task of the University.

The DSTU graduate is a well-educated, intelligent person aimed at creative self-education. Our University has 6 buildings for studies, scientific and practical work. There are libraries, computer halls, workshops, health center, sport halls and summer campus for students and professors at the Black Sea seashore, several comfortable students 'hostels and a university cultural center, a beautiful students' park and sports club within DSTU campus. One of the hostels of DSTU took the first place in Russia among numerous hostels of the whole country in 2008.

The sports complex of the university consists of the covered athletic sports hall of high class, the halls of training and games, the weight lifting and wrestling pavilion, equipped open sports grounds and the shooting gallery. Among the graduates of DSTU there are world and European champions in diving, fencing and Greco-Roman wrestling and the champions of Russia in athletics, basketball, bullet shooting and volleyball. Each of those who love physical training and sports can be satisfied with the opportunities given by the university.

The Cultural center of the university was founded in 1993. Every year the State academic symphony orchestra of the Rostov philharmonic society performs a concert cycle in the university.

The traditions of ceremonies such as the Students 'initiation ceremonial on the first of September, the graduates ceremonial "Good-bye DSTU" and The Students' Day are usually bright and colorful performances with the participation of DSTU's students and the artists 'groups of Rostov .

The annually Weeks of art including the Poetical club, the Musical salon and the exhibition of works of students and teachers of DSTU enrich spiritual life of participants and spectators.

The Students 'club helps the university students in organization of spare time and vocations. The theatre of miniatures, vocal and instrumental groups, the school of modern dance and multi-genre artistic collective are created on the basis of students 'amateur talent activities.

40 years ago the kindergarten "Beriozka" ( "Birch-tree") was opened for students ', teachers' and university employees 'children from 3 to 7.

DSTU gives you a chance to be well-educated, mobile and creative.

Internet research

Search for the key words "Don State Technical University"To find out more about DSTU specialties and facilities.

Prepare a 2-minute presentation to the foreign students who are going to study at Preparatory faculty of DSTU outlining advantages of studying at our university.

Give your presentation.

Write the advertisement for DSTU.

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