Complete the food crossword.

  1. A) Complete the following sentences with ideas of your own.
  2. Add infinitives to complete for-phrases in the sentences below
  3. Add infinitives to complete for-phrases in the sentences below
  4. Add infinitives to complete for-phrases in the sentences below
  5. B) Complete the followings sentences using either the noun PLAY or the noun PERFORMANCE.
  6. Choose the best word (s) from each pair in bold to complete the sentence.
  7. Complete each word combination by choosing the best word from the box below.
Across1. You can make it with lettuce and tomatoes.6. The meat from a pig7. Tomato _____is popular on spaghetti.8. It is made from milk and tastes a little sour.9. People often eat it at the cinema.12. ____floss is pink, very sweet and looks like cotton wool.14. They are not good for your teeth.17. They are small dry fruits. They are sometimes in cereals, chocolate or on top of ice-cream.18. Hot___is a good drink for winter nights.20. They eat and grow a lot of this in China, India and Japan.22. A piece of beef. It is often eaten with chips.23. ______drinks do not have alcohol.25. An ice __is ice with a flavour, on a stick.26. These little pink things are a kind of seafood.28. The meat from cows. Down2. It's a sweet round cake, covered with sugar, with jam or cream in the middle.3. You look through it before you order food in a restaurant.4. Vanilla is a very popular ____ of ice cream.5. It is sweet and is made by bees.6. It's usually on the table with the salt.10. Spaghetti and ravioli are all types of ___________ .11. An egg dish. It can be made with cheese or potatoes, for example.13. ____cola does not have sugar in it.15. Mineral water that has gas in it is _______. 16. They are very small meals.18. People normally have a bowl of it with milk and sugar for breakfast.19. The meat from young sheep.21. Mineral water without gas is ________ .24. _____oil is made in most Mediterranean countries.27. Food that is not cooked is _____.

11. Which word is being defined? Use the following words to complete the definitions.

roast chop mix boil peel bake fry mash

1. remove the skin ____________

2. cut into many pieces __________

3. put something with another thing _________

4. press and mix until soft and smooth ______________

5. cook in water _______

6. cook in oil _________

7. cook in the oven without oil or fat _________

8. cook in the oven with oil or fat _____________

12. Read the recipe of the Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie and complete the method of cooking with the words from the box

Fry heat cook drain pour sprinkle cook add mix

Recipe: Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

Preparation time: 30 minutes. Cooking time: 20 minutes.

WAYS OF HOLIDAY-MAKING | Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of holiday-making. | VARIOUS MEANS OF TRANSPORT | Answer the questions | Speak about the way you like or dislike spending your holidays. Use the following phrases. | Complete the sentences with the words in bold. | SHOP TILL YOU DROP | Read the text and translate it. Pay attention to the highlighted words. | B). In pairs, ask and answer, as in the example. | Complete the sentence so that it means the same as the sentence on the left. |

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