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Complete the sentence so that it means the same as the sentence on the left.

  1.  A) Complete the following sentences with ideas of your own.
  2.  Add infinitives to complete for-phrases in the sentences below
  3.  Add infinitives to complete for-phrases in the sentences below
  4.  Add infinitives to complete for-phrases in the sentences below
  5.  B) Complete the followings sentences using either the noun PLAY or the noun PERFORMANCE.
  6.  B) Reread the article to find the sentence describing the present-day relations between the IMF and the World Bank.
  7.  B) Sum up the text in 5-7 sentences and present your summary in class.
 1. I do not like strong colours.  I like ................ colours.
 2.You can wear this blouse with anything.  This blouse is very ............
 3.Her bag's the same colour as her shoes.  Her bag .............. her shoes.
 4.Her new hairstyle looks really good on her.  Her new hairstyle ............ her.
 5.I need a new skirt and jacket for work.  I need a new ........ for work.
 6.I'm going to get a necklaceAnd some earrings.  I'm going to get some .......
 7. I do not like cotton or silk.  I do not like these ............


A). Using the prompts, describe: the clothes men / women can wear; the clothes you / your parents / friends prefer to wear.

 Style / pattern  Material  Footwear  Type of clothing
 straight  Leather  Boots  Jacket
 Flared  Cotton  Sandals  Sweater
 Baggy / loose  Suede  Trainers  Blouse
 Tight  Wool  Flat shoes  Anorak
 Long sleeved  Nylon  High-heeled shoes  Evening dress
 Plaid  denim    Tuxedo
 Short sleeved      Waistcoat
 Plain      t-shirt
 Pinstriped      Skirt
 Checked      Jeans shirt
 Polka-dot      Socks

B) .Which clothes would you wear to:

· Go skiing

· A wedding

· The beach

· A friend's birthday party.

C). Design your own fashion section for a women's magazine. (Cut out pictures from fashion magazines and write a description of the clothes. Write about the material, if it is formal / casual, occasion suitable for, price, where you can buy it.)

 Answer the questions to see if you are environmentally aware. |  AN IDEAL WAY OF TRAVELLING |  WAYS OF HOLIDAY-MAKING |  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of holiday-making. |  VARIOUS MEANS OF TRANSPORT |  Answer the questions |  Speak about the way you like or dislike spending your holidays. Use the following phrases. |  Complete the sentences with the words in bold. |  SHOP TILL YOU DROP |  Read the text and translate it. Pay attention to the highlighted words. |

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