WXR Central Processor Unit

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  7. Unit & Central Processing Unit

The WXR central processor unit (CPU) uses the control data to control the operation of the R / T and the antenna drive. The CPU sends these control signals to the transmitter circuits:




Also, the WXR CPU makes the scan and elevation signals from the ADIRU attitude data. It sends these signals to the antenna for antenna stabilization. The WXR CPU also gets antenna position signals from the antenna assembly.

Predictive Windshear Central Processor Unit

The PWS CPU uses inputs from these systems to turn on the WXR PWS function:

Auto throttle switch packs

Radio altimeters.

The PWS CPU controls the antenna scan and pulse repetition frequency of the transmitter to detect windshear events directly in front of the airplane. The area is limited to a very small range because of the high pulse repetition frequency.

When the PWS CPU detects a windshear, it sends the warning or caution to the GPWS. The GPWS has the priority logic for warnings and cautions. If there is no higher priority warning or caution, the PWS CPU sends the windshear display to the DEUs and sends the aural signal to the REU. Also, the PWS CPU sends an aural inhibit to the TCAS computer to inhibit any aural signals from TCAS.

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