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Додаткові підрядні речення і підрядні речення підлягають

  1.  I. Перепишіть наступні пропозиції, випишіть з них дієслово-присудок, визначте його відовременние форму. Переведіть пропозиції на російську мову.
  2.  I. Перепишіть наступні пропозиції, визначте в кожному з них відовременние форму і стан дієслова-присудка. Переведіть пропозиції на російську мову.
  3.  I. Поставте наступні пропозиції в запитливо і негативну форму.
  4.  I. Поставте наступні пропозиції в запитливо і негативну форму.
  5.  II. Утворіть знаки запитання й негативні пропозиції.
  6.  II. Утворіть знаки запитання й негативні пропозиції.
  7.  II. Поставте наступні пропозиції в запитливо і негативну форму.

Додаткові підрядні речення часто вживаються після дієслів мовлення, почуттів і розумової активності. Так само як і підрядні речення підлягають вони часто вводяться союзом that.

Упр. 8.2 Визначте, є підрядне речення доповненням або підлягає в наступних пропозиціях.

1. The doctor said that the man would get well quickly.

2. That it rained so much this year is fortunate for farmers.

3. Everyone hopes that the world will remain at peace.

4. The teacher feels that the students are progressing well.

5. That Fred got the best grade on the quiz surprised everyone.

6. Charles believes that his opinions are not important.

7. That the world was flat used to be an established «fact».

8. That man feels that he is better than everyone else.

9. The advertisement states that this product stops perspiration.

10. Archaeologists believe that these artefacts are old.

11. The class argued that the test was unfair.

12. Researchers believe that they have isolated an important virus.

13. The experiments showed that the boiling points of the two liquids differ.

14. That the Loch Ness monster exists has not been proved.

15. The instructions state that the toy car needs two batteries.

16. The company knows that its employees will go on strike soon.

Упр.8.3 Часто додаткове підрядне речення вводиться без союзу that. Визначте, чи містить пропозицію додаткове підрядне речення.

17. The speaker summarizes the main points of this report.

18. Ambitious students feel hard work is ultimately rewarded.

19. The pilot said his plane was in good condition.

20. That experiment demonstrates people have trouble recalling more than seven digits in sequence.

21. The man that caused the accident believed in his own innocence.

22. A woman that witnessed the fight said she would not testify willingly.

23. The fire inspector states the building lacked sufficient safety equipment.

24. That encyclopedia contains 1,523 pages and 470 articles.

25. Results of the garbage study reveal fifteen percent of the city's edible food is wasted.

26. Search parties reported they had found the lost hikers.

27. Environmentalists are worried about the disappearance of many species of cacti in the Southwest.

28. The instruction booklet says the appliance should not be immersed in water.

29. The book club is designed especially for computer professional.

30. Few believe the report is accurate.

31. That magazine is said to be useful to amateur radio operators.

32. Glass that is hand-blown often contains imperfections.

33. The city council believes the planning commission has been heavily influenced by developers.

34. The company reports its electric cars are virtually trouble-free.

 * Упр. 8.4 Визначте функцію підрядного речення (підмет (П) або доповнення (Д)), яке вводиться сполучними словами what, why, how, where, та ін.

наприклад: What you said was very nice. (П)

Everyone knows what you said. (Д)

1. My father does not know how much money I spent.

2. What you said hurt my feelings.

3. Harry knows how he did on the test.

4. What the reporter asked me was not polite.

5. Where we spent our vacation is not far from here.

6. The advertisement does not say how much the car costs.

7. Even his parents do not know why he ran away from home.

8. I can not explain why I did not like the book.

9. How I debugged the modified program is a boring topic.

10.How dolphins communicate is the subject of the film.

11.The computer program explains how irregular plurals are formed.

12.Few people really understand how a photocopy machine operates.

13.The pamphlet explains where students can get a library card.

14.Your parole officer must know where you are at all times.

 * * Упр.8.5 Знайдіть всі підрядні речення, що виконують функцію підмета (П) або доповнення (Д). Вкажіть їх кількість в кожному реченні.

1. One archaeologist thinks that human beings did not develop the idea of ??numbers until after 3100 B.C.

2. That Samuel Colt developed a practical handgun in 1 836 has had a great influence on modern society.

3. The fact that he proved unreliable made them reluctant to employ him again.

4. Recent news articles have reported that fifty to eighty percent of all handguns are used for criminal purposes.

5. Why man sleeps has been the subject of much research.

6. There is a biologist at Boston University who believes that insects developed wings in order to collect solar heat.

7. What caused dinosaurs to disappear from the earth is still unknown.

8. Few people realize that there are only six landing strips in the world long enough for the space shuttle to land safely.

9. A computer program called "Eliza" acts as a personal counselor and asks "her clients" how they are feeling.

10. No one knows what a quasar is or how it produces such gigantic amounts of energy.

11. Satellite photographs can prove information on where and how much rain is falling.

12. Einstein stated that gravity was a warp in space and time caused by presence of an object.

13. It was only recently that a professor in California discovered how wine can be made from cheese by-products.

14. Geothermal scientists believe there is enough hot water beneath the United States to fill 20 percent of its energy needs for a hundred years.

15. Astronomers have demonstrated that light bends in the gravitational field of the sun.

16. Advertising specialists know how important packaging is for a new product.

17. Where their report breaks new ground is in demonstrating that the longer-term climate shifts seen in earlier records are themselves marked by strong variations of less than ten years 'duration.

18. What came to Kekule as he sat dosing beside the fire, was the image of a snake biting its own tail, which gave him the idea that the structure could be ring-like instead of string-like.

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