Vocabulary and speaking

  1. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
  2. Active Vocabulary
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  7. Active vocabulary

2.1Match the pictures and the sports. Pronounce the words.

a.football (soccer)


c.American football




2.2What sports can you see in these pictures? Check with a dictionary.

a.h____ r____


c.s____ j____


e.m____ r____

f.i____ h____

g.i____ s____




2.3 PLAY / DO / GO

We usually playteam sports, domartial arts (judo or karate), and use gowith all other sports.

a.What sports do you do?

b.What sports have you done?

c.What sports do you prefer watching?

d.What sports do not you want to do and why?

2.4Interview your partner using the questionnaire. Write down his / her answers.

2.5In groups of five or six. Compare your answers and find out ...

a.the most popular sport in your group

b.the most unpopular sport

c.the most sport-minded person

d.the most sport-minded family

e.the sport most people want to try

f.who has had most traumas

g.who has most trophies

h.the best sport facilities in this town

Do you like sport? What sports do you play? Have you ever won a cup or a trophy? Have you ever had a sport trauma? Do you prefer doing sport or being a spectator? Do you go to watch a local sports team? Are there any good sports facilities in this town? What sport would you like to learn to play well? What sports did you have to do at school? Did you enjoy it? How often do you do sport in your free time? Do you think you are fit? Do your family members like sport? Do you watch any sports together? Do you play any sports together? Have you ever been to a big sportive event?

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