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  1. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
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3.1Match the geographical words from the box with their definitions. Listen and repeat.

island population scenery climate beach mountain volcanodesert glacier border river lake taiga coastline canal

a.an area of ??water surrounded by land

b.a very dry place where there is very little rain

c.the dividing line between countries

d.an area of ??land surrounded by water

e.all the people living in a country

f.the type of weather characteristic for a particular area

g.a man-made river

h.a stream of water flowing into another stream or a sea

i.a view, natural features of an area

j.the line where sea and land meet

k.the type of forest where conifer trees mostly grow

l.a large mass of ice

m.a large landform usually higher than the surrounding areas

n.an opening in the planet's crust which allows magma go to the surface

o.a part of a coastline where you can go sunbathing

3.2What do you know about New Zealand? Can you answer the questions?

a.Which is the nearest country: Australia or the Philippines?

b.How many islands are there?

c.Which country is as big as New Zealand?

d.How large is the population?

e.What are the two official languages?

f.What film made New Zealand popular for tourists?

g.Which part of New Zealand has a colder climate?

h.What kind of scenery can you find there?

3.3Listen and check. Which words from 3.1can you hear? Listen again and check.

3.4Speak about New Zealand. Use the phrases from the box.

It's in the south / north / east / west of ... It's the highest / biggest / nearest ... It's famous for ... It's a good place for ... People think that ... It has fantastic ...

3.5How well do you know your country? Make questions, then listen, check and repeat. Answer the questions.

ClimateWhat's / cold / place? What's / hot / place?

GeographyWhat's / high / mountain? What's / long / river? What's / big / city?
TourismWhat's / beautiful / city? What's / popular place for tourists? Why? What's / good / time of the year to visit? What's / bad / time to visit? Why? What's / good / way to travel round the country? What's / dangerous / region? Why?

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