Vocabulary and speaking

  1. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
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2.1Match the verbs and pictures.

? go abroad

? go swimming / sailing

? go sightseeing

? go camping

? go by car / bus / plane / train

? go to the beach

? go out at night

? go away for the weekend

? go for a walk

2.2Complete the phrases with the verbs from the box.

buy have hire meet rent spend stay sunbathe take walk

a._____ In a hotel / campsite

b._____ photos


d._____ On the beach

e._____ A good time

f._____ Time / money

g._____an apartment

h._____ In the mountains / around the place

i._____ friends

j._____ A car

2.3Complete the questions about your last holiday.

Your last holiday
Where / go? When?
Who / go with?
How / get there?
Where / stay?
How long / be there?
- / Have good weather?
What / do during the day?
What / do at night?
- / Have a good time?
- / Have any problems?

2.4Answer the questions using the words and phrases from 2.1and 2.2.

2.5Work in pairs. Practise asking and answering the questions with a partner.

Use your partner's answers to tell the class about his / her last holiday.

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