1. Ex.21. SPEAKING
  2. EXPLORATORY SPEAKING (short talk)
  3. Listening and speaking
  4. Listening and speaking
  5. Reading and Speaking
  6. Speaking
  7. Speaking

5.1Complete the sentences about Nigel and his family.

a.Nigel lives in a house in Manchester, but now he is stayingin a house by a sea.

b.He usually wears a suit, but now .......

c.He never relaxes at work, but today ......

d.Karen works in a shop, but today ......

e.The children study hard at school, but now .......

f.It often rains in Britain and .......

5.2Answer the questions about yourself.

a.What do you usually wear?

b.What are you wearing now?

c.What books do you usually read?

d.What are you reading this week?

e.What do you usually do at English lessons?

f.What are you doing at this lesson?

g.Do you live with your parents?

h.Are you living with your parents these days?

5.3Think of three habits / things that you normally do. Are you doing it now / these days?

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