Faculties and departments

  1. Faculties and departments
  2. I. Remember all posts and departments in a company.
  3. I. Remember all posts and departments in a company.
  4. I. Remember all posts and departments in a company.

1. Oil and gas fields:

Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields; Drilling of oil and gas wells; Design and exploitation of main oil and gas lines and reservoirs; Industrial safety and environment protection; Oil and gas fields 'machinery and equipment;

2. Geological prospecting faculty:

Oil and gas geology; Geophysical methods, Geoinformational technologies and systems; Mineralogy, Geology, Geochemistry and Geodesy; Geophysical methods of mineral deposits search and development; Mineralogy, Applied Geochemistry, Petrology;

3. Information technologies faculty:

Automatic systems of information processing and management; Information systems in business; Electrification and automation of technological process; Information systems and technologies;

4. Timber faculty:

Timber engineering; Timber fields 'machinery and equipment;

5. Architecture faculty:

Industrial and civil engineering; Heat and gas supply and ventilation; Water supply and sewerage; Architecture;

6. Economy and management faculty:

Finance and credit; Economics and management (in fuel and energy complex fields);

7. Faculty of humanities:

Public relations;

8. Institute of physical training, sport and tourism

Physical culture and sport

9. Faculty for correspondence students

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