Listening and speaking

  1. Ex.21. SPEAKING
  2. Ex.4 (Listening 3.7) Listen to the beginning of the service on a long-haul flight. You will hear four short conversations. Answer the questions.
  3. Ex.5 (Listening 2.7) Listen and translate sentence by sentence.
  4. Ex.8 Listening (13) Listen to the conversations and write them down.
  5. EXPLORATORY SPEAKING (short talk)
  6. IV. Listening
  7. IV. Listening

4.1Look at the photo. Do you know who this man is? What is he famous for?

Listen and answer the questions.

a.What is his name?

b.What did he invent?

c.When did this idea come to him?

d.Why is this idea important?

Listen again and make sentences about his life and his invention. Use the following ideas.

a.London, Englandb.Oxford Universityc.an old televisiond.1976 e.Switzerlandf.free to everyoneg.1994h.it's real

4.2Think of a scientist / inventor / politician / public figure whose ideas changed the world (in a good way). Tell his / her story to the group. Ask them 6-8 questions to check if they understood you.

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