Job interview

  3. An Interview
  4. An interview for a job
  5. C) Act out the interviews that might have taken place during the survey.
  7. II. Interview your partner about your favorite teacher (in primary or secondary school)

Target Language:

Vocabulary Items:

promotion, work experience, medical insurance, vacation, bachelor / masters / doctor degree, references, salary wage housing, license, commissions, tips bonus, well-spoken, hardworking, discounts, training courses, dental insurance, creativity, report card / transcript , raise neat appearance / dress.


What kind of experience do you have?

What did you study in university?

Do you have any special skills?

What are your good points and bad points?

What company do you represent?

What kind of job do you offer?

How much does the job pay?

Where is it located?

Do you offer any benefits?

Is there any chance for a promotion or a raise?

Benefits and Qualifications:

A benefit is something you receive from a jobA qualification is something you need to do a job.

Look at the following list of vocabulary items. Are they benefits of a job or qualifications for a job?

___ Promotion___ work experience___ medical insurance___ vacation___ bachelor / masters / doctor degree___ references___ salary___ wage___ housing___ license___ commissions___ tips___ bonus___ being well-spoken ___ being hardworking___ discount on goods___ training courses___ dental insurance___ creativity___ report card / transcript ___ raise___ neat appearance / dress

In a group, decide what the most important qualifications and benefits are?

Most Important Benefits Most Important Qualifications

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