Rre-reading task: Scan the text and make the plan of it.





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Rre-reading task: Scan the text and make the plan of it.

1. Personnelrefers to all the people who work for a firm(Company). Most large companies have special personnel departments which are responsible for employer-employee relations. The personnel department deals with recruiting (That is finding new workers or managers for the company), Choosing the best applicants for the position, and developing personnel policies forthe company.

2. Most businesses need to recruit good personnel to replace
workers who retireor quitand to fill new jobsor positions. The person for the position can be selected from the current employees of the company (by promotionor transfer) Or recruited from outside the firm: at university campuses, from other firms, or with the help of an employment agency (i.e., an executive placement service).

3. Most recruiting involves a job announcement containing a description of the job. The personnel department produces a formal job description. First comes the titleof the position, for example, Senior Design Engineer or Vice President in Charge of Finance. Then the dutiesand responsibilitiesof the job are given and the position in the organizational chart(Plan).Next appear the qualificationsfor the job, such as the professional training or skills needed. The salaryandfringe benefits (Extra benefits) paid for by the company should also be mentioned.

People who want to apply forthe job send a letter of application and curriculum vitae containing details of their education and experience. The HR Department evaluatesthe applications and invites the best qualified applicants to an interview. In the interview, the applicant's personality and ability to work with others may be judged.

Ex.1.Comprehension questions:

1. What are the functions of the Personnel Department?

2. What methods of recruitment are mentioned in the text?

3. What is the plan of a job advertisement?

4. What are the steps of the recruitment procedure?

Ex.2.Match the words on the left with the expressions on the right.

1.to promote a) paid sick leave, for example

2.vacancy b) job opening

3.to retire c) seeking new employees

4.recruitment d) to stop working after a certain age

5.fringe benefits e) to assign a more important job

6.to hire f) a person that you work for

7.promotion g) a person who applies for a job

8.employer h) to give employment to someone

9.applicant i) a movement to a more important job

Ex.3.Supply the missing forms of the words. Analyze the following sentences to determine the part of speech of the missing words and fill in the blanks with the correct form of the word.

Verbs Nouns Adjectives / Participles

... Qualification ...

promote ... ...

... Employer ...

apply ... ...

authorize ... ...

compete ... ...

... Recruitment ...

... Training, trainee ...

appoint ... ...

1. authorize His new job has more ... and responsibility.

2. applicantPeople who wish to ... for a job should fill out an ... form.

3. appoint, employ The most suitable person is ... to the position and becomes an ... of the company.

4. train When a firm has to employ people who have no special skills or experience, it must, ... them to do the job. Workers who are learning a job are called ...

5. promote The personnel department is giving a special examination to see which of the current employees will be ... to the new position.

6. qualification Are you ... for this job?

Ex. 4.Select the answer which best completes the meaning of the sentence.

l. The personnel department must decide which applicants are the most suitable for

a) employment. b) fringe benefits. c) salary

2. To fill the vacancy, the HR Manager is seeking the person who is best

a) authorized. b) qualified. c) employed

3. The person being promoted receives more

a) authority. b) responsibility. c) both

Ex. 5.Replace the words in italics with expressions from the text.

1. Businesses always need tofindgood personnel to take the place of workers whoquit because of old age.

2. Sometimes they recruit managers fromanother company in the same business.

3. He received a job with more authority and responsibility.

4. He was selected for the job because he had the best skills and abilities.

5. The job ads describe what employees receive in addition to salary.

Ex.6.When people apply for a job, they write their CV. Read the information from the CV below and match the numbers to the letters:

a) 222 443 2136 (home) 1. Name

2229334236 Ext.2085 (business)

b) Operations Researcher, University of Harvard 2.Address

(Worked on analysis and statistics)

c) Manager of Advanced Training at West 3.Telephone

Educational Center, Los Angeles

d) John Adams Dolman 4. Date of birth
e) fluent Mandarin

f) B. A. in Management Studies, 5.Nationality
University of Cambridge

g) MBA, University of Cambridge 6. Education

h) holder of black belt in judo

i) Mr.Slazovitch, Director, 7.Present position

West Educational Center,

109002 Wilshire Boulevard, 8.Previous employment

Los Angeles, CA 90024

j) 20thApril, 1964 9. Other skills + interests

k) educated in Hong Kong until the age of 16

l) British 10. Referees

m) 1206 West 5thStreet,

Los Angeles, CA 90017


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