Listen to the descriptions and fill in the gaps in the passages below.

  1. Complete each word combination by choosing the best word from the box below.
  2. Complete the sentences below.
  3. Complete the sentences below. Insert NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS in each gap.
  4. Describe a journey by train. Use the words and phrases given below.
  5. Ex. 6. Compose dialogues using the key words for the situations given below.
  6. Ex.4 (Listening 3.7) Listen to the beginning of the service on a long-haul flight. You will hear four short conversations. Answer the questions.
  7. Ex.5 (Listening 2.7) Listen and translate sentence by sentence.


Well, she's quite a ___, ___ person in her ... in her late teens. She's fairly ___ with a ... a good figure. She's got a ___ face with a small, sort of ___ nose. It's very ___ really. She's got long, black ___ hair and er ... blue eyes with very long ___. Her ___ is ... well, she is ___. Her lips are very ___ ... and she's got ___ ... ___ in her cheeks.


He's a very big guy, you know, ___ with very ___. Not ___, really, really ... just ___ ___. He's in his ___ .He's got a ___ face with ___. Oh, and a small ___ on his chin. He's got very short ___ but with long ___ and a ___. Eyes ... I have not really noticed the colour, he wears ___. He's got ___ and a kind of a long, ___ nose. He's fairly ___, ___, sometimes even ___.


She's ___, ___, expensive ___ and so on. I'd say she was in her ___ or ___, but she looks younger. She's about ___ and very ___. Her hair is very ___, ___, I think, but I'm not sure about that. It's always very ___, not long. She's got___ eyes with ___ eyebrows. Her face is always ___ and very ___, It's an attractive face ... not really beautiful, but very attractive, you know what I mean. ___, A small ___... oh and yes, there's a ___ on her left cheek. She's a very ___ and ___ sort of person, very ___ and always very, very polite.


Robert is a wonderful person, really. He's ___ but not old .., still very lively and ___. He's probably in his early seventies. He's got ___, ___ a bit, and a small white ___. He's ___, a little ___ perhaps. He's got very nice large ___ and he always seems to be smiling ... lots of ___ round his eyes, ___ I think you call them. He's got a very high, lined ___ which makes him look very ___, which he is, of course.

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