1. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
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warmadj kind and friendly in a way that makes other people feel comfortable, e.g. warm eyes / a warm voice / a warm smile. Ant. cold

hazeladj greenish-brown in colour

close-setadj near to each other, e.g. close-set eyes / close-set teeth; Ant. wide-set

wide-setadj far apart on the face, e.g. wide-set eyes

deep-seteyesseem to be a long way back into your face

bulgingadj sticking out in a round shape, e.g. His eyes were bulging wide with fear.

almondeyes are brown in colour and shaped like almonds (= flat pale nuts with brown skin that taste sweet)

orientaleyes are the kind of eyes that people from the eastern part of the world have, especially people from China or Japan

slantedadj sloping, at an angle that is not 90 degrees, e.g. her slightly slanted eyes

cross-eyedadj (used of a person) having eyes that look towards each other

slant-eyedadj (used of a person) having slanted eyes

eyelashn [C usually plural] one of the hairs along the upper and lower edges of your eyes, e.g. She was wearing false eyelashes.

curvingadj bending like part of a circle, e.g. She had beautiful long curving eyelashes. Ant.straight

eyebrown [C] the line of hairs above your eye, e.g. She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

bushyadj bushy hair or fur grows thickly, e.g. bushy eyebrows / a bushy beard / a bushy tail

archedadj forming a curved shape, e.g. an arched window / arched eyebrows


large / small

even / uneven

close-set / sparse


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