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I. Transcribe and translate the words:

Hairstyle, medium length, shoulder-length, straight, wavy, curly, sleek, spiky, neat, tidy, untidy, loose, fringe, plait, ponytail, bun, dreadlocks, bald, receding,

II.(Vocabulary Organizer: Unit 19 Ex.1)

Match the descriptions to the pictures:

short hair

curly hair

long hair


wavy hair

shoulder-length hair

III. (Vocabulary Organizer: Unit19 Ex.2)

Match the hair styles to the pictures:

A ponytail a fringe a centre parting a side parting tied back dreadlocks spiky shaved

IV. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words:

, , , , , , , , , (), , , , , , , , , , .

V. Decide whether these sentences are true or false:

1. If your hair is sleek, it looks good. 2. Spiky hair does not look neat. 3. Young girls like to put their hair in a bun. 4. Elderly ladies prefer to wear their hair in dreadlocks. 5. Nowadays women are not allowed to wear their hair loose in public places. 6. If your hair is receding, you are losing the hair on the top of your head. 7. Men do not usually wear their hair tied back.

8. A person's hair thins with age.

VI. Combine the adjectives in A with nouns in B:

A. bald, balding. thinning, receding, curly, wavy, spiky, shaved;

B. hair, man.

VII. Describe your groupmates 'hair style and hair colour.

VIII. Answer the questions:

1. Are you happy with your natural hair colour? If not, what hair colour would you like to have? Why? 2. Have you ever dyed your hair? What colour? Did it make you look more attractive? 3. What hair style do you prefer? Why? 4. In what way did you put your hair when you were a child? 5. What hairstyle would you like to have when you become older?

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