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I. Match the pairs of sentences with the pictures on the right:

(Vocabulary Organiser Unit 9 Ex1)

1. He is not very tall.

He's short and stocky.

2. She's tall and slim.

She's got a lovely figure.

3. He's quite a big guy.

He's quite well-built.

4. She's a bit overweight.

She's quite plump, is not she?

5. He's very fat.

He's absolutely enormous.

6. He's very thin.

He's so skinny.

Slim is more positive and attractive than thin. Skinny is negative. If somebody is skinny, they are too thin. Saying that somebody is overweight or plump is more polite than saying they're fat.

II. Transcribe and translate the words:

Build, stout, medium, athletic, broad-shouldered, fat, overweight, lanky.

III. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words:

, , , , , , , , ,

IV. Decide whether these statements are true or false:

1. Lanky means ungracefully tall and thin. 2. Slim people are short and plump. 3. Skinny means unattractively thin. 4. Someone who is stout is rather fat and heavy. 5. Well-built means small and well-proportioned. 6. An overweight person weighs more than is expected or usual. 7. If a person has a big strong body he is fat. 8. Plump people look fat and unattractive. 9. Someone who is stocky is tall and strong.

V. Choose the right word:

  1. Skinny / slimis more positive and attractive than thin. 2. If somebody is skinny / slim they are too thin. 3. Saying that somebody is fat / overweightis neutral and polite. 4. Plump / well-built people are strong and muscular. 5. Tom looks really pale and thin / slim. I'm worried he might be ill. 6. He's two kilos stout / overweight. 7. Ann is slim / lankyand graceful.

VI. Complete the sentences:

1. A man is considered to have a good figure if he has ..., ..., ... and ...

2. A woman is considered to have a good figure if she has ..., ... and ...

VII. Try to think of a famous person who is:






- skinny

- stocky

- thin

- Absolutely enormous

VIII. Describe your friend's and your own build.


1.7 m / 4 ft 7 inches tall / in height

of medium / average height

below / above average height

tall / tallish

short / shortish

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