1. Additional exercises
  2. Additional exercises
  3. Exercises

I.Transcribe and translate the words:

quiet; even-tempered; calm; talkative; sociable; friendly; reserved; shy; thoughtful; considerate;

moody; lively; cheerful; amusing; boring; polite; rude; reliable; dependable; sophisticated; aggressive; ambitious; miserable; thoughtless.

II. Give English equivalents for the following:

; ; ; , ; ; , ; ; , ; ; , ; ; ; ', '; , ; ; , ; ; , ; , .

III. Match the synonyms:

  1. Quiet a) funny
  2. Thoughtful b) well-mannered
  3. Talkative c) dependable
  4. Cheerful d) even-tempered
  5. Amusing e) considerate
  6. Reliable f) ambitious
  7. Polite g) lively
  8. Aggressive h) sociable

IV. Match the opposites:

  1. Calm a) rude
  2. Considerate b) reserved
  3. Talkative c) nervous
  4. Moody d) boring
  5. Polite e) thoughtless
  6. Amusing f) cheerful

V. Complete the sentences with appropriate words from exercises III and IV.

  1. Tina is very ___. She has made friends with everybody else in the class already.
  2. Jack's such a ___ little boy. I've never seen him in a bad mood. 3. Bruno's so ___. I do not think he's spoken to any of the other students yet. 4. Oh, Laura's impossible. One minute life is wonderful and the next minute she's in her room crying. How can she be so ___? 5. Martin can be very ___at times. He's got a great sense of humour. 6. Mark's so ___. He keeps getting into fights. 7. Simon's very ___. He's always buying me little presents. 8. Tony is not very ___. He has bad manners. 9. He is not very ___. He promises to do things but half the time he forgets. 10. Kate's brother is so ___. He's always making people angry or upset because he just does not consider their feelings.

VI. Match the words with their definitions:

  1. generous a) believing that good things will happen in the future;
  2. easy-going b) always telling the truth, not cheating or stealing;
  3. sensitive c) not easily annoyed, worried or upset by problems;
  4. lazy d) having a desire to be successful, rich or powerful;
  5. ambitious e) able to wait calmly for a long time;
  6. honest f) willing to give money in order to help people;
  7. optimistic g) able to understand other people's feelings;
  8. patient h) not liking work and physical activity;
  9. arrogant i) reasonable, practical;
  10. sensible j) thinking that they are more important than other people.

VII. Arrange these words in pairs of opposites:

Mean, lazy, sensitive, optimistic, arrogant, silly, honest, hard-working, easy-going, deceitful, generous, sensible, thoughtless, pessimistic, modest, nervous.

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