1. A) Draw a family tree for yourself and using the topical vocabulary explain the relationship between your immediate ancestors and any interesting facts about them.
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beardn [C] hair that grows around a man's chin and cheeks, e.g. his thick white beard

moustachen [C] hair that grows on a man's upper lip, e.g. a tall man with a moustache / He frowned and twirled his moustaches.

sideburnsn [plural] hair that grows down a man's cheeks; Syn. whiskers

clean-shavenadj with no hair on the lower part of the face, e.g. He used to have a moustache and beard, but now he is clean-shaven. Ant. unshaven

scarn [C] a permanent mark that is left on your skin after you have had a cut or wound, e.g. He has long hair and a scar under his left eye.

birthmarkn [C] a permanent red or brown mark on the skin that some people are born with, e.g. Paul had a birthmark on his right cheek.

molen [C] a small dark brown mark on the skin that is slightly higher than the skin around it; Compare: beauty spotn [C] a small dark mark on a woman's face (used when you think it is attractive)

tattoon [C] a picture or writing that is permanently marked on your skin, e.g. He has a tattoo of a snake on his left arm.

frecklen [C usually plural] freckles are small light brown spots on someone's skin, especially on their face, which the sun can cause to increase in number and become darker, e.g. The girl had a lot of freckles on her nose and cheeks.

dimplen [C] a small hollow in someone's cheek or chin that you can see when they smile, e.g. She'got lovely dimples in her cheeks.

spotn [C] a small round red area on someone's skin that shows that they are ill, e.g. Betty was very self-conscious about her spots. Syn.pimple, E.g. He knew that eating sweets causes pimples.

wrinklesn [C usually plural] lines on your face and skin that you get when you are old, e.g. Her face was a mass of wrinkles. Syn.lines, E.g. There were fine lines around her eyes.

make-upn [U] coloured substances that are put on your face to improve or change your appearance, e.g. heavy make-up / eye make-up / stage make-up / I do not usually wear much make-up. Her hair looked untidy and she had no make-up on. She never uses eye make-up. If you have put on too much make-up you are heavily made-up.Ant. well made-up

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