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Inherited nearly four thousand pounds, and this with his own savings and

  1. Khartoum for the incredible price of six hundred thousand dollars and then
  2. One million two hundred and twenty five thousand three hundred and seventy-five.
  3. Simply, quickly, actually, finally, nearly, however, despite.
  4. Thousand pounds. I can play all my old parts. Of course even at sixty I could
  5. Were one hundred thousand black Chevy sedans in New York City.

Julia's brought up their joint capital to seven thousand.

But the rent of theatres had gone up enormously (но арендная плата за театры

повысилась чрезвычайно), the salaries of actors (зарплаты актеров; salary -

жалованье, заработная плата служащего) and the wages of stagehands had

increased (и зарплаты рабочих по сцене увеличились; wages - заработная

плата рабочих), so that the expense of running a theatre (и, таким образом,

затраты на руководство театром) was very much greater (были гораздо выше)

than it had been before the war (чем они были до войны). A sum that would then

have been amply sufficient to start management on (сумма, которая тогда была

бы более чем достаточна для начала собственного дела) was now inadequate

(была сейчас несоизмеримо /маленькой/; inadequate - несоответствующий,

недостаточный). The only thing was to find some rich man (единственное /что

оставалось сделать/ было найти некоего богатого человека) to go in with them

(/который/ бы вошел с ними /в долю/) so that a failure or two to begin with (так,

чтобы один или два провала для начала) would not drive them from the field (не

вышвырнули бы их из игры: «с поля»). It was said (говорили) that you could

always find a mug in the city (что всегда можно найти простофилю в городе) to

write a fat cheque (/который/ выпишет солидный чек; fat - жирный,

толстый, обильный) for the production of a play (на постановку спектакля), but

when you came down to business (но когда доходило до дела) you discovered

that the main condition was (обнаруживалось, что основным условием было то)

that the leading part should be played by some pretty lady (что главную роль

будет играть какая-то милая дамочка) in whom he was interested (в которой он

был заинтересован).

enormously [I'nO:mqslI] stagehand ['steIdZhxnd] inadequate [In'xdIkwIt]

cheque [tSek]


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He was as safe as a house, he only said that to reassure her, and even generals | Breezy manner and military carriage he looked every inch a soldier. | Been so badly wounded that they had got their discharge. | Abstinence he was amorous. | Get his desire satisfied quickly, turn over on his side, and go to sleep. | Stretched her legs out in bed and sighed with relief. | Definitely a man. | Down in good time for her confinement. | Stood in one of the bedrooms. | Her greatest comfort. The thought now filled her with irritation. |

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