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Prove these statements, add some more information from the text

  1. A) Read the text about robots and find the information to answer the questions
  2. Add these sentences with correct variant according to the text. Using as a plan speak briefly about Water Supply
  3. Admit avoid ignore introduce invest improve respond
  4. Another room or another floor. Can you disconnect all these tubes so we can
  5. Asking for Information
  6. Audio "Woodworking Information - Different Types of Wood".

1. As for fuels we use for heating buildings, they include coal, oil, manufactured and natural gases. 2. Some time elapses between the moment the steam gives up its heat to the radiators and the time the cooling of the steam condenses it to water. 3. Industrial buildings often present special problems which the designers find most difficult to solve. 4. There are certain industrial processes we know to be accompanied by the production of air-born dust. 5. Were all-year air-conditioning systems set up, all the processes required for winter and summer air conditioning could be performed. 6. Floor panel heating we so often find in one-story and base-mentless structures is of great comfort and low installation cost. 7. Some old concepts of heating were gradually changed since engineers obtained more precise knowledge about the heat the human body loses.

11. Compose pairs of words from English and Russian synonyms. Explain their meaning

air conditioning 1. Жилые дома

environment 2. Тщательное регулирование

close control 3. Отопление помещения

provide 4. установки

supply fair 5. Окружающая среда

removal fair 6. Кондиционирование воздуха

contaminated air 7. обеспечивать

space heating 8. Вывод воздуха

residential buildings 9. Загрязненный воздух

installations 10. Подача воздуха


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Read the text again and find the main idea of each paragraph. | After-Reading | СУБЪЕКТНЫЙИНФИНИТИВНЫЙОБОРОТ | Before-Reading | Read the text once more and translate it about producing recast reinforced-concrete elements. | Before-Reading | While-Reading | ГЕРУНДИЙ (GERUND) | Употребление герундия после предлогов | Chance (of), |

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